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Heey Its Amanda(;

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Jade Tobine&Amanda Hogan&Kelsey Coleman Mybestfriends ;*


Quotes by BabyLove123

She was  forced to face reality;
Her once perfect life came to a sudden hault, as it all hit her. She was just another girl to him, another girl hoplessley in love with someone she couldnt have.

"I didn't mean it, i love you.."

It doesn't matter whether you meant it or not. It came out of your mouth. You said it, and you meant it. So don't pull the "I love you" line, because this girl stopped believing those three words, long before you came into her life.


Subtley being replaced by your best friend.

You know what? Im proud of my scars. I dont care if they dont look good. They're a part of me. And when/if my child ever goes through this. I can just show them mine and tell them "I know exactly what you're going through." So shut up about them, and stop trying to stop me.


Now i remember why im starting to lose respect for witty.

It would be so much easier to let you go;

If  you would just stop holding me back.

I'm so sick of being fat,
I'm so sick of being ugly
I'm so sick of being everyones second choice
I'm so sick of being ditched by "friends"
I'm so sick of living this life
I just want to be Someone Else

Theres two types of
"Im ugly"
"I want attention Praise me "
And: "I hate everything about me."