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stuff i write is about true life and whats going on in life i get inspried by my friend and the guy i wanna be with and ppl i have been with and LIFE ITS SELF

Quotes by Babysgotaheart

you could never tell who i really was or who i was with or gettingwith but baby i need you
the times that went by that we where so close are the times i will never for get i miss the way you would look at me in my eyes and i kno everything will be okay why can't we go back to the way things where before you started going out with her i just wish you could understand how i feel
baby boy you kno i love you
but do you kno what you mean to me
i never thought that you could love me
the way you do but why can't i be with you
its because of her your "girlfirend" what is she to you nothing you think you love her you don't no body our age even knows what love is yea sure you say you love her but you DON'T
the day we met i thought there was sumthing about you i knew that you liked me but to this day i don't under stand why you d and to this day i still can't get you out of my head????

really happend to me
life is short so i want
to spend it with you and
only you
i love the way you look at me
i love how you call at 3 in the moring
i love how nothing has changed
i love you
love is like a rose in the sun sumtime siome place it will never die but if that rose is fake then your love will never die
She walked to school witrh her luch she packed
no body knows what shes holding back wearinf the burder of a secert storm sumtimes she wishes she was never born
behind the eyes of every girl is the story of happyyness but for her its the love he found in her

i love you
you always asked me why i love him but i really can't tell you why because then you would love him to and i am not losing him again???