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Hii im sage michelle carver,
i have a bit of a difficult life and lately..not a whole lot of friends, but the ones i do have are AMAZING.
i lalalalove music, all kinds, i can sing, i dance on my schools dance team
i love animals, my favorite are skunks
i like to speak my emotions whether others like it or not, thats just how i am and i love to be nice to everyone! im a [lover;not a hater] :)

Quotes by BabyyxxGirlxx

Me: would u ever date me again?

Him: Idkk now I like never see you and I don't like dateing much like I did b4 I like benefited jus gives me a reason not to be jealous if I hear something for no reason plus dateing is just Idkk I just like the other way better you....?

Me: id rather date someone than have a thing..especially if i like them a lot.

and girls get looked at as whores when they have things with people...


U like me that much?

Me: mhm...

that sucked.
but this didnt:

Him: babe I gtg soccer calls me  I love you 

Me: i love you too

Him: i hope so ;)

Me: i do :)

wow...he changed his mind fast huh?

That awkward moment when
 you're on the phone with your bestfriend and she says she's bisexul(as a joke)
and her boyfriend just says ok.

if i was a guy id be the perfect boyfriend.
if my girlfriend was PMSing id go out and buy her tampons
id buy her chocolate strawberries
make her favorite foods
watch her favorite movies with her
tell her i love her everyday
go for walks with her
id buy her flowers(red roses)
id wipe away her tears and tell her everything will be alright, ill always be here for you
id bring her to the mall, buy her stuff from all her favorite stores
and i would always holdher hand
and i would kiss her nearly every second and tell her she means the world to me...and more<3
he's eightteen and im only fifteen
we found love in a
 ~*hopeless place *~
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I hate that our love faded..