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Hey everyone!  Ok. I'm Alice Cullen's twin! I have her personality, her style, her clothes, and even her haircut!  My cousin and I went on the Twilight set and we met the whole cast and Stephenie Meyer.  My cousin and I talked to them for hours about things.  Stephenie said that "After talking to you for a while I realize that you are exactly the way I pictured Alice. Your look, your personality, your everything. No one in the WORLD can be more like Alice than you."  Ashley Greene said, "I know I'm playing Alice, but you are much more like her than I am. If I'm doing anything wrong, let me know. Because you are her twin," I am good friends with the whole Twilight cast.


Now, don’t think all I care about is Twilight. No. That’s way wrong. Summer is my favorite season.  I play volleyball and do track, including hurdles, high jump, running, and pole vaulting. I’m very outgoing, crazy, energetic, and many other things. I love to shop and I’m definitely one of a kind. I believe that I have found “the one.” He is always there for me and he always knows what will make me feel better. So I hope you like my quotes and I will talk to you all later.


(Yes, my REAL name is Alice)




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Michael Jackson








I know he screwed up a bunch, but his music is amazing. He will never be forgotten. We love you!


BOY: If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together.

GIRL: Oh really? Because I'd put F and U together

A guy walks into class late dressed only in his underwear. The teacher asks, "Where have you been?" The guy replies, "I was on Mayberry Hiil."

The next day, a guy walks into class late in only his underwear, but has his other clothes in his hand. The teacher asks, "Where have you been?" The guy replies, "I'm sorry. I was stuck on Mayberry Hill."

The next day, a girl walks into class late in only her underwear and bra. The teacher says, "Let me guess. You were on Mayberry Hill." The girl replies, "What? I wasn't on Mayberry Hill. I AM Mayberry Hill."

my friend told me this and i collapsed with laughter! but i dont know where she got it!!! 


Love is like a rollercoaster.
It has its ups and downs
When it goes up
You get butterflies
But when it goes down
Your stomach drops
But when you get off the ride
You just want to do it over and over again


All credit to me. Copying my work is illegal. I wrote this, so please dont copy. its not that good, but still dont copy.
If One Day You Feel Like Crying.
Call Me.
I Dont Promise That I Will Make You Laugh But I Can Cry With You.

If One Day You Want To Run Away Dont Be Afraid To Call Me.
I Dont Promise To Ask You To Stop. But I Can Run With You.

If One Day You Dont Want To Listen To Anyone.
Call Me.
I Promise To Be There For You But I Also Promise To Remain Quiet.

But One Day If You Call
And There Is No Answer.
Come Fast To See Me.
Maybe I Need You.