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Steve for president.


Plot Twist: Bella's baby is half were wolf.

Me: Whats 12 times 5?
Me: Ha! too slow. its 50!
8 year old cousin: Its 60, dumby. *walks away like a boss*

*Watching the Grinch*

The Grinch: Am I just eating cause im bored?
Me: We could be twins.



When all you see is the same users over and over and over again on top quotes.  

I hate it when people say "theyve been dating for a week or a day and already love each other? like wtf"
Have you stopped to think about the boy you like? Or a boy you have been talking to for a while? Well maybe theyre in that situation. Maybe theyve liked each other for a while. maybe even loved* each other for a while. Maybe theyve just now made it official. You wouldnt like it if people said that about you, i promise. This happened to me and i promise you it didnt feel good for people to be saying stuff like that. They dont know the story or the history of it.  Think before you speak. 


Dad: Give me a fork.
Me: Whats the magic word?
Dad:   Give me the f*cking fork before i stab you with it.

Me: *Gives him fork* 
Dad: *laughs, yells GET TO THE CHOMPING, & runs away*
True story.
Crush: Hey! :)

...loljk that wouldnt happen. 


Normal Girls:
Omg i wonder what it would be like to be popular. So popular everyone wants to be your friend and hang out with you. If only... :/ 


Omg i wonder what it would be like to get top quotes all the time. to be so witty-famous that every one wants to follow you and comment on your profile.  If only... :/