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Okay, so my name is Cyane. I'm 14. I love writing and reading. I wrote two books, doubt they would ever get published though. Taken <3 But I hate love

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Daddy's Little Angel
C h a p t e r  1

I slam the door to the taxi and throw my phone into my purse as I enter Le Monde. I span the room for my father, I haven't seem him in 10 years. So it might be a little difficult to find him. I see a man sitting alone in a booth with hair as gray as his beard, hiding behind glasses, with a suit on. He looks as confused as I do. We both catch eachother looking at eachother and his eyes gleam, calling me over. I shake off my nervousness and take a seat besides him. 
"No, call me Dad."
"You aren't entitles to that title. You was never there for me after mom passed."
"I'm trying to make that up to you."
"How's you and James?" 
"If this is your idea of trying to come back into my life, think again."
"But Mira---."
"No, you wanted to come out for dinner. Nothing more." I explain.
"Okay," He sighs, "Let's get some food on the table." He gestures for a waitress to come over and reads aloud the menu to me. She stands over us with her notepad already in-hand. 
"Peter, I'm not 8 anymore, I don't need you to read to me."
"Sorry, you're right."
"So what is it that you want?"
"Nothing." I mumble glancing over the menu.
"What was that?" He says confused.
"Nothing," I assure him. "I'll have some filet mignon.
"I'll have the same." We both give the menus to her and drift back into an awkward gaze.
He shifts in his seat and stares at his hands which are crossed. 
"Why is it that exactly 10 years later you want to 'try to be a father' again?"
"I have news." He says ignoring my question. So I ignore his statement. "Your mother is alive."

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Teaser: She lives in Chicago, not so far away from here.
Yes guys I am back! I missed you all! I'm starting a new story, please read it xoxo


Happy Birthday to me
Birthday tomorrow.

Witty changed..

I miss witty.



Its friday.
Everyone's out having fun.
Well you? You're on witty.
"I'm giving up on love. I never feel that way again."

Fav if you get it ;]
If not then Google it -_-
I rather be the one you cheat with, than the one you cheat on
Wanna know something? Hearing the X-Files theme song scares me to the point I cry. Its my weakness lmao
I'm not a d!ck,
So why is my name in your mouth?