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+I can't tell you the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone+
I'm not to good at telling about myself so ill let my quotes do that for me :)

Quotes by Bananabrains316

Calling someone UGLY wont make you any prettier

Calling someone FAT wont make you skinnier

Calling someone DUMB doesnt make you smart

Calling someone FAKE doesnt make you real

Making someone feel WORTHLESS doesnt make you cool.

Mama told me not to waste my life, she said {spread your wings, my little butterfly} ♥
Oh look.
My cup of f/cks is empty.
Most girls: I want a guy who will give me his jacket when im cold.
Other girls: I want a guy who calls me beautiful instead of hot.
Me: ill take what I get.
Im just done with guys. Im just going to wait until someone has the dignity to come up to me and actually care enough to try.

When someone special ignores you
Pretending that you dont care

I'll be fine as long as you stay single.
I admit it, I really really like you. But its just not worth it anymore.
Ive learned to just not care.
I dont care what you think about me. I dont care that you dont like the way I dress. I dont care if im not the perfect weight for you. I dont care if you bully me or laugh at me. I dont care.
I just wanna walk up to you and have a coversation with you. But then I remember that talking to you isnt as easy as it used to be.
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