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HEY yall!! my name is Hannah :) im 15 years YOUNG and i blow out the candles on july 23! im very crazy and outgoing but i can be really shy! God my friends and family meaneverything to me :)
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cookies.the smell of a new car. smell of brownies in the oven. cheerleading. TOMS. UGGS.THE NORTH FACE.Boiled peanuts.
(-).bullying.bullies.Rap.BOBS.onions. peanutbutter.peanuts.nuts.cheese. 

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Quotes by Bananana2397

Boy, I'm falling quickly so catch me before I break ♥
Am I
the only one
who is tired of feeling like
the third wheel?
i hate the fact that i actually fell for your "Game"
Can we skip this whole school and college thing and jump to the part where i become a princess? ♥
Yes i AM a girl
Yes i LOVE baseball
but no i DONT play it
I had actually seriously considered giving you a chance but then you decided to do something stupid ...
I hate it when you notice when one of your "friends" isn't right for someone and you see things going on outside of the relationship making you even more skeptical but no matter what you and anyone else says to warn them they won't listen
Ever felt like your friends secretly hate you?
i have

 like all the time...
hey guys my cousins boyfriend nathan just texted me back shh dont tell her .....apparently im embarrassing and im not allowed to talk to him

oh wait...

i forgot my cousin has a witty

shoutout to my sister for leaving me alone at home tonight with no one to talk to ........there goes my social life