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 Its okay, not to be okay.”
Im alexis, & this is my witty.
My life is pretty boring, but I guess ill try to sum it up to the best of my abilities. I’m 14, and live in the boring ole USA. I believe that god put me on this earth, to serve a purpose. I don’t really have anyone I can trust, but that’s why I vent to witty. I do have friends, so im not a complete loser. My bestfriend name is Sierra. Music is my life <33 
                                                           (+) movies, coldplay, the fray, the perks of being a wallflower, twilight, music, 80’s music, country, hip hop, family, Kristen stewart, emma stone, connor franta, youtube, bestfriends, talking, giving advice, summer, swimming, basketball, reading, writing, sun, imagine dragons, drake, trevor moran, animals, food, tall people, all things internet, TUMMBLR/ 
                                                           (-) people who think they’re perfect, people who talk really loud, silence, fake people.
Well, I love making friends, and meeting new people, so maybe leave a comment and we can talk?

click here for my tumblr. 


Quotes by BandG33k

You know your childhoods
over when, 

you fall asleep on the couch, 

and wake up on the couch. 


Being nice to people you don't like

isn't being two-faced,

i t ' s  c a l l e d,


hold on, pain ends. 

We all have that one friend, 

that eats more than 18 cow, 12 people, the whole state of california, and 400 small children combined.


I feel so alone. 


Don't go through life, 
grow through life. 

1912: Dracula used to drink the blood of virgins.

2012: He died of thirst.


Roses are red,

I have a phone,

Nobody texts me,

Forever alone. 
You should be happy, not moping around like a mop. Ain't nobody got time for a mop. 
I've been on witty since late 2010. 
I've had 12 different accounts. 
I was here when CSS layouts, didn't even exist yet. 
I witnessed BrandonCyrus rise to fame, and then the steady flow of quotes come in about people hating him. 
I was here when everyone started calling people 'jockers' because they 'stole their quote'. 
I was also here when Witty turned pink.
When i found witty, the famous people were  AlNicholas, Captivated,  Lollipopx3 and waaay more. 
Everyone used RandomRequests layouts. 
Witty has changed alot since then, i know. 
But it still has the same concept.
Witty you've been there for me when ive needed you most. 
And i'm so proud of how far you've come. 
Can we all just say thank you to Steve real quick? 

Thanks, steve. 

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