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 Its okay, not to be okay.”
Im alexis, & this is my witty.
My life is pretty boring, but I guess ill try to sum it up to the best of my abilities. I’m 14, and live in the boring ole USA. I believe that god put me on this earth, to serve a purpose. I don’t really have anyone I can trust, but that’s why I vent to witty. I do have friends, so im not a complete loser. My bestfriend name is Sierra. Music is my life <33 
                                                           (+) movies, coldplay, the fray, the perks of being a wallflower, twilight, music, 80’s music, country, hip hop, family, Kristen stewart, emma stone, connor franta, youtube, bestfriends, talking, giving advice, summer, swimming, basketball, reading, writing, sun, imagine dragons, drake, trevor moran, animals, food, tall people, all things internet, TUMMBLR/ 
                                                           (-) people who think they’re perfect, people who talk really loud, silence, fake people.
Well, I love making friends, and meeting new people, so maybe leave a comment and we can talk?

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BandG33k's Favorite Quotes

How do you even talk to a crush?
like seriously this sh.t is hard.
Mirror Mirror On The Wall,

I Just Wanna Be Thin, Pretty, And Tall.

Mirror Mirror,

If I Change My Hair Maybe Someone Will Start To Care?

Mirror Mirror,

If I Starve Myself Maybe I'll Finally Be Beautiful Forget My Health.

Mirror Mirror If I Cut My Wrist,

Will I Feel Like I Exist? 

Mirror Mirror Can't You See?

What You Show Is Killing Me.
                                you have more d'ck in your personality,

                                          than in your pants.


guys i want a witty bestfriend.
someone who i can talk too. all the time.
& vent too, and they'll vent to me.
someone mature? around 14?

so yeah, comment maybe?

-prefferably someone without a life-
-someone who i can have long/legit/intense conversations with-


so this is my life
and i want you to know that im both happy and sad, 
and im still trying to figure out how that could be.

                                   - the perks of being a wallflower

h  o  m  e  w  o  r  k        o  n          t  h  e        w  e  e  k  e  n  d s          i  s        l  e  g  a  l        b  u  t         g  a  y          m  a  r  r  i  a  g  e       i   s  n  t      

w  h a t        i s        w r o n g        w i t h        s o c i e t y

do you every wonder what would happen if you died?

if people would be sad, mad, confused or if they just wouldn't care
Am i the only one that would like to be dead for a day just to see how everyone reacts? 

I really do like it when people tell me about
themselves. It doesn’t matter what, it can be
about their day, what they did that they found
amazing, what their hobbies are, etc. I like
knowing about people, in a way, it makes me
feel like they trust me. You’re not bothering
me with your rambling, I actually prefer to listen.

1912: Dracula used to drink the blood of virgins.

2012: He died of thirst.


guys i feel as ignored as

a white crayon

the first piece of bread

internet explorer

the terms of agreement

18+ warning

Kevin Jonas

this quote