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Hey, ya'll welcome to my Witty page. I'm Josh. I play baseball & soccer. Baseball + soccer + food = my life.
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Quotes by Baseballisme

This new background color is depressing. 
The say you should test your fire alarm once a month. I try but it's costing me a fortune in houses.
My brain is giving me the silent treatment today.
When I argue with my mom, I always get the last word. It's just that sometimes she can't hear it.
A disaster is when your country has an obesity epidemic and a skinny jeans fad.
Stupid autocorrect. You always end up posting some thong you didn't Nintendo.
When I said I wanted to live life in the fast lane, I didn't mean the one with oncoming traffic.
I wonder how Police on bikes arrest people... "Alright, get in the basket."
Unless you can be Batman, always be yourself.
Shoepidity... wearing ridiculously uncomfortable shoes just because they look good.
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