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Hey, my Name is Amber
Age: 14
I am really bad at this stuff so yeah if you want to know more just let me know



Quotes by BeAuTiFuL_EyEs

Who cares if a girl if caked in makeup and has a fake tan? If they feel confident like that, then let  do whatever the f*ck they want

Girls aren't toys.....
You can't just drop them when you get bored

 Why do people try to argue on the internet.....what are you gonna do...caps lock me to death?!


 Dear Brain, Please start being able to tell the difference between hungry and bored.
Sincerely, I'm getting fat!

-Hay bby ansr meh bby
-... I dont think this is working out

-Y? bby?


" Because I'm the parent"
really isn't a logical explanation to

Mom: What did you learn at school today?
Me: Obviously not enough I have to go back tomorrow!

I heard you're a PLAYER, Nice to meet you. I'm the COACH
I'm not shy,
I'm just holding back my awesomeness so I don't intimidate you.