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Hey, my Name is Amber
Age: 14
I am really bad at this stuff so yeah if you want to know more just let me know



Quotes by BeAuTiFuL_EyEs

I get annoyed when I solve a hard math problem to find out the answer is 0

Parents call it talking back ; we call it "explaining or answering their question"

Great childhood memory:
" Your mom is here, quick hide so you can't go home"


Teacher: Why can I hear talking?
Student: Because you have ears


That annoying moment when you ask you parents a yes or no question and you get a complete story


I was good at math before they decided to mixed the alphabet in it

We all have that one friend with the funniest laugh 

My door was closed when you came in, Don't walk out and  leave it open

I don't care if your son is 3, I'm not giving up this swing

You know that girl,
that always forgave you?
that always loved you?
that always
took you back?
that always
tried to make things better?
Pretty soon, that
girl will give up, and find someone better.

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