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Hello Stranger(: Even though I don't know you, your beautiful. Trust me. This is a secret account so I'm not gonna say anything. Only one person knows, which is my best-friend Brooke (fearless12xoxo) And so if you see me ranting on pointless things, I know you'll skip over it cause I'm not that important to anyone except my friends and my amazing boyfriend Sean. He's amazing

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You made me fall for you , once again ..
Guys, My Mom Just Had a Baby!
It's a Girl!
Her name is Molly Shaye Johnson,
And She's the Fourth Child.
I Hope She Doesn't Have Breathing Problems,
Like I Had.
Can Witty Wish the Best for Molly?
Can I Get at Least 17 Favs
For the 17 Letters in Her Name?
When I enter your profile, 
the music scares the living daylights out of me. ♥

British: One Dye-rection
Americans: One Der-ection
Aussies: One Da-rection
Chinese: One Da-re-shan
Irish: Wonder-action
Me: Homosexuals.

This is not supposed to be hateful in anyway whatsoever. I'm a huge fan of the boys, I love them, if you're a true Directioner you'll laugh and understand. And if you don't laugh and understand then get out, bye.


Im sorry for taking up space on witty but i really need to talk about this.
My dad left a few weeks ago, he took everything and left us with no money, no car and no food. My mom found out something about me that i would never want her to know. Right now, I just came back from new hampshire from being at my grandmothers. The reason I was there is because i was hoping that she was going to give my mom and i a loan. My sister stole 700$ from my mom and mow all the things that i have said is coming together and now i have no money, no food, and i cant even pay for toilet paper. I am really sorry for taking up wittys space just to get out my problems. All of you probably dont even want to read this. And that is fone but dont leave any hate comments. That will just put me over the edge. I have no idea what to do. I only have one friend on here. I am not saying who but I think she/he knows. I just need a friend. And yet again, Im sorry for taking up space.

"Louis and Niall don't get many solos because their voices get girls pregnant"

-Harry Styles


I live
at district 9 3/4 on P. Sherman 42, Wallaby Way, Narnia.

In case you were wondering



I'm Insecure, I know what for, do you want a list or will you just take my                 wo-ord



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