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Hi, my name is Lizzie :) 14 I'm from West Virginia .. bands basically saved my life. This website is apart of who I am today after discovering it back 6th grade .

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Witty has changed so much. The top quotes used to have over 4000 likes, now the most i see is 20. Ive missed all my lovely followers. How have you guys been ?
I have not been on here in 8 months. 8 long months. How have i been ? Horrible. Im worse than i ever was before and i see no intent on getting better. There is no hope. My eating disorder is bad again. My depression is at its worst. Suicidal thoughts are extremely bad and the temptation is at its highest. Its been this way for a very very long time now. All i can do is hope i get better..
Wow, haven't been on here and yet again a while. I've missed this place.. 

Happy Birthday

To me (:

I have not visited the websites. Some, not many, may remember me. I decided to come back and look through my favs, my old quotes ( most of which were deleted by me) . If any of you knew, I was very sad. I faved sad stuff, I made sad quotes about my life. I thought I tell you guys where I am today . ( TRIGGER WARNING)

I'm gunna start out with the bad stuff..
 It hasn't gotten better for me.. yet ! I'm still self-harming. sadly. I developed an eating disorder. I have very bad anxiety/social anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts. It's honestly ruined my  life at an age so young. I never thought I'd turn out like this.. honestly, some of the time I have no hope for the future, I either picture myself dead, or all alone. My family has destroyed me, they are the main cause for my ed and why I think they way I do. Looking back on November 14th 2012, I regretted making the decision to self harm. I thought I could honestly control it and it'd be a one time thing. It wasn't it, and I sure as hell can't control it.  I can't look at food without crying and thinking of my body. I can't do anything without being on the verge of an anxiety attack.  My depression is worsening, and everyday I think of suicide. I hate myself.But when I see someone else feeling the same way I do, I jump and hurry to help them, no one deserves to feel this way. It's sickening. And to anyone who romantizes this , is sickening. It's not beautiful what I've done to myself, being sad won't make people love me more. It won't do anything beneficial to you. It's disgusting. I can't  function nd get through the day with this I have no one to talk to about, because nobody but one  person that's barely i my life anymore knows.

Now for the good stuff..
I'm far over that guy that I thought I was in love with. 
A couple more of my friends now know about my sexuality.
I met new friends

There's not many good stuff for me, but it's a start. I have to hope for the future, becaue I've been this way for over 3 fracking years and I'm still here. Even with the word  Fat carved into my upper thigh, and tears streaming down my face as writing this. I have hope that one day my body image will mean nothing to me, that I will love to live life, that I will want to live life. I have hope that one day, in the future, far away, that everything will eventually be okay. I have hope, that one day, when I'm sitting in my apartment someplace sunny, watching tv, or doing dishes, feeding the cat, that something, just something, will snap inside of me. That in that very moment my head will clear, that I have this empty feeling, but not a sad one, one I won't be familair with, because it will be happiness. Happiness that I deserve. I will look back and see how far I've come and thank to  god I didn't end my life. I can make it, you will make it. A little hope is all you need.

They said it gets better
but they lied ...


I miss you, I'm so sorry

Today, marks 1 year I've been on Witty.  
I found this website almost 2 years ago thanks to a friend, i finally made an account. Best decision ever. This site probably helped me alot. The quotes, the people who cared. I felt like i had thousands of people to talk to. I could vent and pour my heart out and no one would judge you. I remember going through some tough times and when I came here to vent, people actually cared and made me feel better. SO I would like to give a thanks to everyone on witty, thank you for caring. & Thank you Steve, for creating this website.