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Hi, my name is Lizzie :) 14 I'm from West Virginia .. bands basically saved my life. This website is apart of who I am today after discovering it back 6th grade .

Quotes by BeRecklessBeBrave

The greatest battle is not physical, but psychological
The demons,telling us to give up when we push ourselves to the limit can never be silenced for good.
They must always be anwered by the quiet , the steady dignity that simply refuses to give in
We all suffer . Keep Going


My talents include:
eating listening to music, and
when i type i don't have to look at the keyboard


Girl be like :  Is it bad that I never made love ?
then There's me: is it bad that i never had my first kiss, let alone a boyfriend >

BravoSierra's format

Twinkle twinkle fallingstar pull your self together don't fall apart slashed, cut ripped and teared Torn to pieces
                                                                                    but no one cares   

"You know my club penguin name,not my story"
We'll ,We'll,We'll ... if it isn't auto correct

And you can tell me that you're sorry 
But, I don't believe you baby like I did before you're not sorry no,no,no ♥


Brace youselves
The Mother Day quotes are coming

I either sneeze

like a kitten
or I sneeze like a horse

There is no in between

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