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Hi, my name is Lizzie :) 14 I'm from West Virginia .. bands basically saved my life. This website is apart of who I am today after discovering it back 6th grade .

BeRecklessBeBrave's Favorite Quotes

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Sticks and stones may break your bones,
but words will mentaly f//k you up.

It's so horrible when you're used to speaking to someone everyday so every little thing that happens you wanna tell them but you can't

Nobody should have to feel this broken.


She's so beautiful.
Yet so sad..

Always saying no one
will ever love her,
and yet when somebody
tells her they love her
she runs and hides.

Silly girl,
they do love you,
you just don't love yourself.


Everything is changed now...

You're so happy and I'm the one trying to move on. 

Sitting here all alone

This house doesn't feel like home

No warmth as I feel my bones

No one to call me on the phone

Shame as I feel eyes on me

Drowning in my misery

Even when with people, I'm always alone

And I live in a house, that doesn't fee like my home

Maybe if I look down, hide my face in my hair

People will not see me, they will not stare

No matter how thin I am

I can never get free

Of the sickness 

That has its sharp claws in me

Too thin, too small

Weak looking and frail

They tease, and call me vain

They can't see all my pain

They say "You think are beautiful"

So thin and so pale

No I am not beautiful

No one comforts me

I get shouted at every day

By the voice inside of me

But you are already thin, they say

What do you do this for, attention?

No, I am invisible 

This is not for attention

I get overlooked so easily

I might as well be invisible

No matter how hungry I am

I always stay miserable

So writing is here

When I have all this fear

Writing is here

When nobody is here

And when nobody hears me

Writing is my expression

And if it sounds scary, then good

Because Anorexia is absolutely terrifying

I go through something, that no one ever should

It is scary and isolating

To always have to hide

When you are so used to being judged

That no one sees who you are inside

It hurts my body, it hurts my head

Being sick, being controlled

This thing wants me dead

So I have to stay alive

I have to eat

Because if I don't, this thing will win

I can't give in to defeat

Sometimes I feel I am fighting something I will never win

I would give anything to smile

Just to be happy again

All of my poems will usually have a somber tone, and will usually revolve around eating disorders and depression. Because Anorexia is a very misunderstood and frightening disease, and it is something that I have to write about in order to feel like I am not trapped in my thoughts

and i have one question.
was it worth it or is the
fire still raging?

do the memories haunt you?


You can ask the universe for all the signs you want, but ultimately, we see what we want to see when we’re ready to see it.