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Okay fellow wittyans i cant figure out any other way to do this and i need motivation.

(im honest to God not trying to get a top quote i could care less about that all i care about is my health}

For every like ill add 5 sit ups to my new workout and 5 minutes to my run/walk

For every comment { which i do greatly apreciate} ill add 10 secounds to my wall sits  

This is greatly appreciated and i love all you boys,girls,men,women, and potatos<3
A Girl dreams about a bad boy who is gentle only for her.

A Boy wants a good girl who is naughty only for him.

That Awkward Momen

when there is no awkward moment.



Im sick of being my dads punching bag.

every time soemthing bad happens to him weither its not geting enough money 

or haveing a fight with my mom 

im always the one be beats up in his anger..

i just dont know what to do anymore....

     Little siblings  are  aaaaaa a  gift              

That you cant return...

B*tch Please,

If your going to be two faced

at least make one of them


*favorite this if* :

you FREAK out when your phone dies!

*you draw on the window when it rains*

you try not to step on the cracks on the sidewalk

every time you pass a mirror you are
to look at yourself in it

Girls are just Girls <3

87% of guys arent what you think they are... girls even myself dont want to hear this but if you look at it in a different perspective its true....all most guys want is your body. yes they fool you by texting you cute and haveing the sexy little smiles and kissing you in the rain and all that jazz but dont be fooled dont me nieve stand strong, dont give in to things you dont want to do just because you love them. now im not saying all guys are like this, im just saying that the  majority are so take care of yourselves and respect yourselves becasue no matter what anyone says you are Beautiful

   on novmber 11
             in  2011 [this year]
           on the 11day of the month
                 at 11 am [which is the eleventh hour of the day]
            at the 11 minute of the hour
            at the 11 sec. of the minute

YOU better have a dam good wish cause chances are this one WILL count