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Dance<3 duh

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Quotes by BeachlaxX101

&& its just great how...

everybody says we look good together

and you ask me random questions
and you lead me on

and then the next day your back together withh that other girl

 and its just the worst feeling </3

and admit it... 
when people say there tired...
dont you just say "same"
because its so much easiar than saying
 "oh, im not im actually really hyper and i got alot of sleep".  (ext.)

much easier :)
And isint it sad...
how love quoter probly thmost looked-at quotes on this website </3
And when i look at you...
i just...have to just lift the corners of my mouth higher, and higher each

<33333 i do fades now if you want :)
I just realized...

that we like never see each other.
then we do.
and it draws us even closer.
so no matter what,
thick and thin,
we will be best friends forever!  <3

*how would you feel if you got this in a text? i just did...and my friend and i started crying. i love you ash so much<3 <3*
&& boy i wish you knew...

how many times i tripped because i wasnt watching where i was going, because of course i was thinking about you.

how many times i got all excited when i heard an un-expected phone call, and ends up, never being you.

how many times i feel those butterflys when i see you

how many times i think about you when i hear any love song

how many times i wished on a wishing star for you

&& how many times i cried over you

&& how many times i wished on 11:11 for you to love me, the way i love loved you </3

-true feelings</3 but enter in contesttt
&& where is my knight in shinning armor?
[ && why does his armor have to be shiny? ]
Roses are red,
and yes, violets are blue
and i really think i love you
when ii start to think,
you flash a wink
when i love someone
i know its true
and now i know i would never like a skunk bag like you
 && I dont want to be tinkerbell...she is just a friend...

i will be your wendy...
if you will be my peter pan <3

&& do you know how i learned to play tennis?
when i was little...
my brother use to say... "who do u hate?"
and i would say the persons name
then he would say "pretend this ball was that person...wack them!"
and so i did...

and now, i would like to thank you [ person i hate ] for helping me learn how to play tennis =]