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Quotes by BeatleManiacXD

I wish I was good at something. 

I wish there was something that really identified me

I'm not special. Nothing really defines me.

I'm not talented or gifted.  

Just a face and a name.


My crush in gym: *pointing at me, about to shoot a goal in basketball* Okay, this one's for you!
Me, spazzing on the inside: Haha, okay. 
Crush: *aims basketball, shoots...and misses* 

Story of my life. 

Little kids say the cutest things. 

One of the kindergartners in the program where I work likes to hold my hand when we walk somewhere. 

Today, we were holding hands and he goes, "Can we be in love and get married?"  

<3 true story. 


quote credit to lorcan

I've struggled with it for a long time. 
It's all the problems in my life wrapped in one word.
It's physically painful to get through some days.

But I know that at the end of the day...
I am strong, and I can overcome this. 
Please, don't ever lose hope. 
If I can do it, you can too. 

I a

I'm sorry. 
Two little words. 
They mean so much. 
Or so little. 

                                                                                                                                  format credit : Anthony96

Sometimes, I really hate my body.

 Being curvy doesn't mean I'm easy or a tease. 
You don't even know me. 


Credit: Faveformats

My friend is getting


She's turning 15, and after her quinceanera, she's getting married.
She's been getting crap from a ton of people about it, but her fiance has a job, and they'll finish high school and go to college.

She's happy and excited, because it's a family tradition. I am so happy for her, and she's so in love with her fiance.

I don't understand how people are so judgemental. She's happy, and this is what she wants; why can't they accept that?

Her parents and his parents are totally supportive. What do you guys think?