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I just want to run
Hello gorgeous. I'm Katie... And I love you.
That is all.
Keep the faith babes.


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I honestly don't think I have anymore tears
Sto phati n gy o urse lffio r

things on the outside you can't change

Instead, focus on the things on the


that you CAN change..

BravoSierra's format

If I could take away all your pain,  I would.
I only wish I could. Because you deserve it.

xoxo Rocoloua

I want to make a difference in others.
join me
and make a difference in yourself
Can someone tell me the point in hating yourself?
why can't everyone be loved?

You.    are the most beautiful you can be


change    because someone else tells you to

The world can be a better place.

It starts with you.

You deserve
to be loved

Be the change you want to see in the world.
I need help. My friend is anorexic, and today she told me she wants to die. I love her so much, and she has so many people in her life who love just as much. She thinks that no one would care if she died. Would any of you mind leaving a message here, so I can show them to her? She needs to see that people she doesn't even know care.
Thank you so much.