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Quotes by BeautifulGoodbye___x

i am what you see.
i am not what they say, but if i turn out to be,
would you love me anyway?
i'm standing in anonymous, hoping your heart
will just wake up and ask for me by name.
maybe someday will ask for me by name.
just not today <3
- tyler hilton; you'll ask for me
fade credit to _NextInLine
the reason she actually likes school?
[   it's    the    only    thing    in    her    life    that    she    can    control   ]
you may not believe this now,
but trust me on this,
he's   so   not   worth   any   of   it.
your tears, your heartaches, even
yxoxuxr xx sxmxixlxexs.
it'll end like it  a l w a y s  does,
with me having to [  mop up  ]
your tears.
and i think that deserves a huge

but you keep on fighting,
[   you  x  keep  x  on  x  fighting  x  me   ]
d o n ' t                   y o u                   k n o w
you already won?
i'll never learn to say goodbye,
- - - - >   b u t   i   h o p e   f o r   y o u r   s a k e   y o u   c a n .
no matter how many times
w e ' v e           d o n e           t h i s ,
and we've done it so many times,
it never does get easier when
it's time to say goodbye.
[   let's not be afraid to fall in love   ]
txhxaxt xx sxoxnxg
plays        in        her        head
a l l   d a y   l o n g .
the haunting music plays on repeat.
she  can't  take  it  anymore.
it all reminds her of what he did,
how he broke her.
[  she  lost  a  piece  of  herself  ]
one that she's never getting back.
| save the crap for someone else,
| cause even  y o u  know you're
so not over him.