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i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)
i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go,my dear;and whatever is done
by only me is your doing,my darling)

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I wondered what happened when you offered yourself to someone, and they opened you, only to discover you were not the gift they expected and they had to smile and nod and say thank you all the same.

They tell you you’ll forget how it used to be. You’ll get used to it, that it’s better to move on. They don’t realize you can’t. You’re not the same person anymore.



the honest to
              GOD TRUTH IS              
that i'm mad at myself. I SHOULD'VE KNOWN BETTER.


You know what you do? Would you like me to tell you what you do? You actually go out of your way to torture yourself.
Even the constellations can see us now: we are seventeen and shattered and still dancing. We have messy, throbbing hearts, and we are stronger than anyone could ever know.

Then he left, and with him he took the sun, the moon, the stars, and anything inside of me that might have been good.


When someone plants flowers
in parts of your spirit
that were dark
before they arrived,
do not let them wither
when they leave.

love them for growing
love them for living
love them for letting the light
back into your soul.

You are not broken. You can love and be loved, despite what may feel like the eternally brutal nature of the world. Even when you’re drowning and so far under, there is always time to reach for someone who will teach you how to breathe again.

                                                                  —Jessica Park


I wish she would stop telling me it will get better as if I'll wake up one day and all the missing, all the longing will have magically ceased to throb against my ribcage and churn knots in my stomach, storms behind my tear ducts. You get over losing a jaded, bitter adolescent a.sshole who didn't want or reciprocate your love (I've had to before, and it hurt nothing like this). You don't get over losing an innocent child who did nothing but love you and make your soul the happiest it had ever been with another. You don't get over having the purest, most unselfish relationship in your life abruptly taken from you when it could have and should have lasted much longer. This brand of heartache doesn't fade completely, and attempts to beat it into me that it will with something as inconsequential and arguably nonexistent as ‘time’ won't act as a dissolvent. 

Know that just as you empower me, without you I am not weakened. Know that your presence brings me happiness, yet in your absence I am not sad. Know that you lift me up, and take comfort in knowing without you I would not fall. Know that you add to me, and even in your absence, you would not subtract from me. Know that without you, I am whole, and with you I become much more.