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You have turned your heart into
a museum of people you’ve loved
to keep them alive inside you.
Nikita Gill

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Quotes by lotus-eater*

   When I sleepwalk into your room, and pick you up, and hold you in the moonlight, you cling to me hard, as if clinging could save us.
I think you think I will never die, I think I exude to you the permanence of smoke or stars even as my broken arms heal themselves around you.

i hope i’ll always believe in love. even if love shames me and tries to destroy me, i hope i’ll want to start again.



death is the
of beauty, & the MOST DIFFICULT TO ACCEPT.


Je n'aimais pas moins; j'aimais plus. Mais le poids de l'amour, comme celui d'un bras tendrement posé au travers d'une poitrine, devenait peu à peu lourd à porter.
I did not love less; indeed I loved more. But the weight of love, like that of an arm thrown tenderly across a chest, becomes little by little too heavy to bear.


(adj.) Anything that connotes beauty, perfection, celestial divinity, bliss and overall paradise. The Elysian Islands or Elysium is a conception of the afterlife reserved for the gods, the righteous and the heroic. It is a heavenly realm assigned for their indulgence and enjoyment of life to the highest degree of euphoria.


“Stress from heartbreak can flood the body with hormones, specifically cortisol, which causes a heavy achy feeling you get in your chest area.”
That explains it. My heart is hurting, literally and figuratively.



(noun) An untranslatable Hindi word, viraag is defined as the emotional pain or heartache of being separated from a loved one.



heaven couldn't
                                                         wait for you... 
                                                      so go on, go home.


I still believe in heaven, and I'm sure you've made it there. As for me, without your love I don't have a prayer.