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Quotes by roseate*

I don’t know anything, but I know this: whatever is done with love, in the name of others, without self-gain, whatever is done with the heart on behalf of someone or something, be it a child, animal, vegetable, rock, person, cloud, whatever work we make with complete humility, will always come out beautifully, and something more valuable than fame or money will come. This I know.

— Sandra Cisneros ; A House of My Own
I see you at a party and you look the same
I could take you back
But people don’t really change
Wish that we could go back in time
I’d be the one you thought you’d find


i got to learn things learn them the hard way; gotta see what it feels like- no matter what they say.

when you left you thought I’d sit
and you thought I’d wait
and you thought I’d cry,
you called me a dumb blonde
but somehow I lived through it
& you know if there’s one thing
this blonde has learned:
blondes have more fun

♡  D o l l y   P a r t o n  ♡
don’t try to cry your way out of this,
don’t try to lie or I’ll catch you in it.

diet mountain dew, baby new york city
never was there ever a girl so pretty
do you think we’ll be in love f o r e v e r?

she gives them butterflies, bats her cartoon eyes
she laughs like God, her mind’s like a diamond

there’s no remedy for memory
your face is like a melody:
it won’t l e a v e  m y  h e a d

all my friends tell me I should move on
I’m lyin in the ocean singin your song

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