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Bella Marie <3


Bella. 18. British.
Broken but getting better...
Madly in love with Jaxon Robert Jameson
Pregnant with Jaxon Robert Parker and James Daniel Parker <3
Sports and video games are my life
If you're nice to me I'll be nice to you
But you won't like me anyways c:


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BeautyAndABeat's Favorite Quotes

Deep down i know that one day,
I want to look back,
Back on the scars,
The abuse,
The death,
The pain,
Even the happiness.
I want to stare into the distance,
A peaceful mind,
I want to smile and say 

"I made it."

Don’t ever take me on a date to an aquarium
because i will ignore you and spend the whole time looking at the fish.

after you get hurt,
just remember that i'll still be
here for you.

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Dear math teacher,

I don't care what f(x) is.


what if everyone driving on the highway
turned their radios to the same station and blasted the volume it would be like a traveling concert


what i've learned in four years of high school:
- grades are more important then your morals, and emotional and physical health
- how to hate people in general
- to want to quit life daily
- how to eat/text in class without getting caught
- why i will never amount to anything


everyone thinks i'm overdramatic when
i'm upset... but when an octopus gets stresses out it eats itself. not THAT'S overdramatic


i'm going to kill that spider!
unless it moves two centimeters then i'm going to jump, scream, throw my shoe across the room and run for it


i had an exam today and to brighten the mood,
i decided to play a game on everyone else. every ten minutes, i would ask for more paper even though i didn't actually need it. the fear in the eyes of my fellow classmates as they thought i was on my 10th page of my essay whilst they were on their first was priceless


autocorrect really needs to stop
capitalizing "omg" i'm not that excited