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Quotes by BeautyFromTheInside

Here's to the kids who
-Have dropped their phone on their face while lying down
-Have started their period while wearing white pants
-Have misheard someone who was asking a question
-Have got their heart broken before
-Have cried themselves to sleep before
-Who don't feel good enough
-Who are a slave to the evil side of society
-Who are lonely.

I'm here.
I'm halfway through summer
and I'm asking myself where the part I become attractive is
If I hyperventilate all the way through Twilight
i wil probbaly pass out during 50 Shades of Gray.
Losing my mom in a supermarket
has got to be one of the most emotional situations i'll ever be in.
Even if I land on my face, I'm still moving forwards.
me : *eats chocolate cake, a bag of chips, four slices of pizza, two tubs of ice cream*
me : why aren't i skinny?