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Welcome to my wittyprofile(:
I'm Becca, 14! My birthday is March 15th ♥
I live in the U.S.A.(:
Single ;D
Looking for a witty sister. ♥
&&I guess if you want to know more you'll just have to ask(:
Thanks love ♥

Eli 22b? Go check him out ♥
That's my witty best friend(:

Ahill1? You should check him out too(:
Witty brother ♥

)That's my best friend on Halloween (He was the girl)  Guy best friend (dressed as a girl)

My absolute best friend ♥ Bailey... *I call her boo* (:


Me(: ♥


Adam Noah Levine ♥ 
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Quotes by Becca315

Hot guy: *Sneezes*
Me: I would say "God Bless You"
 ... But it looks like he already did
Write Something Your Parents Would Be Proud Of

What about Harry Potter?
"Why are you talking to him? You have a boyfriend!"
"I said 'hi'... Not 'get in my pants'"
I hate how girls in tampon commercials are always swimming or running through fields of flowers.
No. Go home, eat chocolate, have many cramps, watch sappy, romantic movies, and gain 5 pounds...
You must suffer like I do.
Girl I hate: Hey girllll! You'll never guess what me and my boyfriend just did(;
Me: Please don't ever speak again, peasant... You are essentially an oxygen theif.

It's more than just the
dates, holding hands, 
and kissing. It's about 
accepting each other's 
weirdness and flaws.
It's about being
yourself and finding
hapiness together.
It's about seeing an
imperfect person;
So uhmm...
There's this...
Go go go(:
*Girl I hate talking to my best friend*
Her: Describe me using a commercial slogan(;
Him: So easy; a caveman can do it...