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Quotes by BeckyBeccaful

When someone thinks they know the meaning behind the lyrics and they're completely wrong and you're like "No, go sit in the corner and think about your mistakes."
Every quote under mine's share button was named something cool like 'promulgate', 'show off', 'impart', 'announce' and things like that but my share button was just 'Share'. Thanks, Steve.
"I'm so sick of saying the words 'gay' and 'lesbian' like they are just people. You know, I'm so tired of that. One day I want my son to come home from school and be like "I found this guy and I love him!" and I'm going to be like "Yes you do and that's okay!" I so want that!"
-Josh Hutcherson
Did it ever occur to you that BLT may have been the first acronym?
my face: Yes, I am listening.
my mind: YouTube, Tumblr, Witty, Facebook, phone, internet, wifi, laptop.
You know it's worrying when you're on Tumblr at 5am, looking up gifs of pugs and phanfictions.
They're all just opinions.
school counsellor: *Gives my class self-esteem evaluation tests*
my class: *Fills them in*
my class: *Calculates scores*
school counsellor: So, did anyone get over ninety out of a hundred?
no one: *Puts up hand*
school counsellor: Did anyone get over eighty?
two people: *Puts up hand*
school counsellor: Did anyone get under sevemty?
rest of the class: *Puts up hand*
school counsellor: Ugh, if I gave this test to American students (we're Irish by the way) they'd be bound to get one hundred! Your parents don't praise you enough! I wish I had American students!
me: So, you're putting us down to get higher self-esteem? Nice.

Who peed in his cornflakes?
Spencer: Totally wrong. Look I've been there. Done that. Every time you baby squirrel Ezra, you're taking away his nuts.

Aria: You did not just say that.
Spencer: I did, but I don't think that I meant to.
*  Arias phone rings*
Spencer: Is that Emily?
Aria: Ezra.
Spencer: *Grins*
Spencer: Did he find his nuts?