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Heyy My name is Jasmine
im 15 and single.. The guy i recently liked is kind of a jerk so ): But i'm still looking for the right guy out there! Hopefully i meet him soon (:
Life is rough right? But heyy 'what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger'
I love to live life to the fullest and make everyday last, cause well we have to Live While We're Young right?
I've been harassed, made fun of, im  insicure, and witty well, is my place (:
So don't hate.. i dislike that.
I love music ((: Im into just about everything, nicki minaj, maroon 5,  yep!
I love one direction!! [Niall, and Harry (: such cuties!! ]  i once sat infront of a computer and watched 1D videos for like 5 hours! :p lol. not kidding! I still can't believe all their tickets are sold out!! :( I would kill for some tickets of those sexy beasts!! lol
I dislike that theres people in the world that just want to make others misrable!! 
Umm. yeahh if you need anything to talk about .. I'm here and no. your not alone.
Twitter; @Imthatitgirl7  
{Follow me ^^ } It'd just make my day! [just tell me you're from witty and i'll follow you back for sure!! :D
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BeeautifulSoul12's Favorite Quotes

Boy                Girl

I saw her today.                                                                                      I saw him today.
It seems like it has been forever.                                               I wonder if he still cares.
She looks better than before.                                              I couldn't stop staring at him.
I asked her how she was going.                              I asked him about his new girlfriend.
I'd picked her out over any girl I'm with.                       He's probably really happy now.
I can't even look at her without crying.                                He couldn't even look at me.
I told her I miss her.                                                                             He didn't mean it.
I meant it.                                                                                           He doesn't mean it.
I love her.                                                                              He loves his new girlfriend.
I held her for the last time.                                                    He gave me a friendly hug.
Then I went home and cried.                                              Then I went home and cried.
I lost her...                                                                                                    I love him...

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I'm so done with this family
It's official, Beautifuls.

I have slow danced when there was no music playing. ♥

And no, not with my cat.

"We're happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time.

I just saw a guy at Walmart and he looked like Morgan Freeman and he
caught me staring at him and he pointed at me and said, "I am not Morgan Freeman."

Intelligence levels when-

In the shower-
It seems that I have discovered the meaning of life.
Laying in bed-
I seem to have discovered the cure to all disease.
Sitting quietly alone-
I have discovered a solution to every major world problem.

When in front of my crush-
Potato rhymes with fish
everyones just making quotes about being naturally skinny or fat or whatever and I'm just sat here eating chips laughing at you all for being so f/cking insecure and annoying

do whatever you want with your body but I don't wanna have to read about it when I come on here

I could not give less of a sh/t about what you look like and correct me if I'm mistaken but no-one else gives a sh/t either