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Heyy My name is Jasmine
im 15 and single.. The guy i recently liked is kind of a jerk so ): But i'm still looking for the right guy out there! Hopefully i meet him soon (:
Life is rough right? But heyy 'what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger'
I love to live life to the fullest and make everyday last, cause well we have to Live While We're Young right?
I've been harassed, made fun of, im  insicure, and witty well, is my place (:
So don't hate.. i dislike that.
I love music ((: Im into just about everything, nicki minaj, maroon 5,  yep!
I love one direction!! [Niall, and Harry (: such cuties!! ]  i once sat infront of a computer and watched 1D videos for like 5 hours! :p lol. not kidding! I still can't believe all their tickets are sold out!! :( I would kill for some tickets of those sexy beasts!! lol
I dislike that theres people in the world that just want to make others misrable!! 
Umm. yeahh if you need anything to talk about .. I'm here and no. your not alone.
Twitter; @Imthatitgirl7  
{Follow me ^^ } It'd just make my day! [just tell me you're from witty and i'll follow you back for sure!! :D
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