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Quotes by pizza ♥*

when I saw him smile,

it reminded me of how much I loved him.
Did you know that one girl/guy right now is thinking of you?
me and my friend prank calling her brother:

brother: hello?
friend: beep beep beepty beep beep!
brother: what?
friend: my mom says i cant say bad words so beep it!
brother: *hangs up*
friend: he-hello?
You'll realize that the person you've been crushing on is not who you expected.

you know what sucks?
when you really want to tell your crush that you like him, but you fear his response.


you know what sucks?
when you really want to tell your crush that you like him, but your scared he feels different.


I think every girl deserves to tell her crush that she likes him without being mistreated.
I'll remember you say, sometimes it last it love but sometimes ot hurts instead, sometimes it last in love but sometimes it hurts instead.
I think everyone deserves their own happily ever after. afteer all, we did hear about everyone else's.

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