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Hi im awkward.(:

I'm kinda obsessed with imagine dragons. I L O V E quotes and if you ask me my favorite, you'll be listening to my fo hourss(: Just a normal teenager who hates school & can't wait for summer. Ò�

~Keep your head up princess, your tiara is falling~
~Be a girl with mind, a b(tch with an attitude, & a lady with class~
~Keeping my head high and my middle finger higher~
~Just smile, be free, & ignore the haters~

Quotes by BehindTheSmilee

Pick Your Head Up Princess, Your Tiara Is Falling.
First it was..


Now its..
Die young


I can't picture anyone having a crush on me.
I can't picture someone thinking about me before they fall asleep.
I can't picture anyone getting butterflies because I said hi to them,or even just smiled at them.
I can't picture anyone smiling at their phones when we talk. I mean like....
Why would you even do that?

Im just me. Nothing extraordinary, or special.

Danielle and Liam are like the Titanic.

They were a ship no one expected to sink...


Dont Apologize If Your Going to do the Same Sh/t You Were Sorry For...


For the block botton(: It helps from kids from my school finding me.

You Rock
We are |never\ getting back together!!!

Even tho we never dated...

What is love?

In math: An equation
In history: A war
In chemisty: A reaction
In art: A heart
In me: You
&&&You say im a b*tch? Well girl,
It takes one to know one(:

I smile and act like nothing is wrong, Sometimes its called dealing with sh/t and staying strong...