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So about me I'm from the east coast. I live in the smallest town in the world but I woudn't have it any other way. I'm a sophomore. I blow out the candles on June 4th (same day as Justin's dad #justsayin) comment on my profile if you're my twin!! 
  I've seen Justin once and am seeing him on the Believe Tour twice! I've met Scooter (twice), Adam(twice), Kenny, Scrappy, and Brad. One day I'll meet Justin. Never Say Never and Believe!

Hey I'm Elizabeth and I'm 14. I love Justin Bieber in case you didn't already know. He's a really amazing person and a great singer as well. He's my inspiration and has taught me that anything's possible and don't give up on my dreams. I love Cody Simpson. He's the most attractive person everrr haha. Taylor Swift is my idol i love herrr. One Direction=LOVEE it kinda sucks to be an american directioner, but thank god for youtube! If you're a hater go homeee. There's one thing in the world that I hate and that's haters. 
My Bieber Experience: - Justin Bieber Backgrounds


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Who's going to the Believe Tour?

I'll be there on November 12th and 28th! What day are you going?

If anyone wants to read My Bieber Experience!! 1 week ago tomorrow :(
Within the past 48 hours I have met Scooter & Adam Braun, Brad Haugen and gottten Justin Bieber tickets. 

My baby

 cousin was born today! his name is Liam... i saw one direction yesterday... coincidence?
Nmf....... But he aaccually made this for me
Stop drop and roll Justin Bieber is on fire.
Scooter: In our fraternity we had to shave our whole bodies.
Justin: Even your eyebrows?

Met Cody Simpson twice in one day  
btw cody: love you too :)


  I ' m  m e e t i ng  
C o d y  S i m p s o n  T o d a y 


If the world had a detox day... then no one would be able to judge anyone else for their looks