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Hello perfection!! Sorry my links do not work :/

Anywho! My name is Bre and I am 16 years of age.

The only things you really need to know about me are below!

Witty saved my life, I have met some of the best people on here and I dont know what Id do without them!!

I have many obsessions and tehy consist of: One Direction, Food, Ps3,Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone, Robert Villanueva, and Black Veil Brides.

If you are ever having a bad day or going through a rough time and just need somebody to vent to leave a comment down below and I will help in any way I can! I am here for you <3 :* Love you all!


baby, you light up my world like nobody else

Quotes by Belieber97

"You know nothing about me."

"I know you twirl your hair when you are upset or nervous. I know the spot at theback of your neck to rub to make you fall asleep. I know you can eat a jar of pickles in one day. I know you can drink a gallon and a half of chocolate milk in one day. I know you play with your own hair to fall asleep. I know every song in your phone. I know your top 4 movies. I know you love to read fantasy books. I know you love to read fiction books. I know you love video games. I know what you do at 3 in the morning. I know the songs and bands that save you at night. I know you watch Pewiepie as an escape. I know all the names of your stuffed animals. I know your biggest wishes. I know everything that you obsess over. I know you bite your bottom lip till it bleeds. I know that when you srunch your whole  face youre trying to hold back a smile or laugh. I know that since you  watched the first High School Musical you wanted to be an actress. I know the way you sleep. I know your sleepy laugh. I know your sleepy face. I know who your first love was I know you rub your eyes when you try not to cry. I know more about you than you think. I pay attention to you. I care about you."
Framing Matthew
Most of you will have no idea who that is but the old witty members know exactly who I'm talking about. Tomorrow it will be exactly 1 year and 11 months since this boy had died. Matthew was an inspiration to a lot of girls and he saved a lot of lives including mine. He was one of the very very few boys we accepted on here. He was the sweeetest most funiest boy you could ever meet. He was my best friend and a best friend to others. So Matthew this goes out to you. I hope you're happy up in the sky. We miss you down here on the ground.
8/17/1996 - 1/12/2012.
And we change, for no reason.
Some say it's better to fall asleep and dissapear..It'stime we finally look a what we've done, and wake up.
Ive worked so hard on this account that it makes it hard for me to leave. I dont want to leave everything I know behind. But I think itstime for me to go. Witty isn't the same anymore. Everyone is fighting with eachother. What happened to always being there for eachother? We used to be a family and now we are sending so much hate to one another. Witty is completely dead. It is so hard to get a fave on a good quote anymore. I remember when no matter what kind of quote you put up you atleast got 1 fave on it. Im just done... Goodbye friends. And to the girls who I promised Id be there for, You can get ahold of me here
Does it make you feel better when you smack him repeatedly and leave little bruises on his body. Does it make you feel better when you throw him on the floor and scream in his face?  Does it make you feel better when you see him crying saying stop it daddy stop it but you just continue with your beating? He is two years old, he doesnt know any better. Is it really neccisssary to beat him like some animal?
When does it stop hurting? 
The fact that you care about me this much, scares me... 


There's a girl
Who sits alone every day and every night. There's a girl who crys herself to sleep, and half the time doesn't even know why. There's a girl who suffers from depression. There's a girl who is hurt by words. There's a girl who fights to try to stay happy, but ends up failing. There's a girl who thinks of suicide. There's a girl who really attempts it. There's a girl who self harms. There's a girl who doesn't eat. There's a girl staying up late at night to find an answer. There's a girl who goes to bed praying she doesn't wake up in the morning. There's a girl just like you, feeling the same way, going through the same thing. You're not the only one. You're not alone. 
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Everybody wants a turn on life, Nobody can seem to get it right. 

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*Listening to God bless you by Black Veil Brides in the car with mydad*

Andy: "
 You left me with these broken lies And I let you I've got no more time for your - " 
Dad: *Sneezes*
"So god bless you"
Dad: Thank you
Me: *Total fangirl moment.*