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twinkle twinkle little star i fuucked your biitch
and stole your car.




thE  BedrooM  WALLS BecOMe mY

ONLy Friends, BuT  They  
were there from beginning end. ♥ 


mine don't steal
 Mom: you never do anything for me.
Me: i act the happiest i've ever been around you, i cry only at night into my pillow so you don't hear me, and i keep every little bad thought that goes through my head to myself so you don't know how much pain i'm in, plus 1,000 other things, do i still not do anything for you..?

Did you know your brain sees you 5 times more beautiful than you really are?
Did you know repeatedly calling yourself harsh names such as the word "ugly" that it begins to turn you that way, because you never really were "ugly" to begin with so thinking ugly will make you ugly and you'll regret not thinking or realizing how beautiful you truly are.

She then responded with; "..." got emmmm. ♥

You may think giving up is
easiest w a y b u t  in reality




You know my name, not my story.
You've heard what i've done, not
what i've been through.


Every guy thinks

every girls dream is to find the perfect guy. 

every girls dream is to eat without getting fat!

Any guy that waits for Valentines Day to treat his woman
like a queen 
is failing 364 
days a year.