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Quotes by Bethaaanyx3

Will I ever be enough?</3

That smile
you get when you catch him looking at you///♥

Love is when you can't concentrate in class,
because you are too busy writing his
last name with your first name;;

it'me , i'm a freak; but
thankyou for
loving me,

cause   you're doing it
p e r f e c t l y
[ ♥ - ♥ - ♥ ]
 not my format

"Aw, how old's your baby?:D"
"He's 13 months."

o; he's one?"

Live everyday like you're
;; Glen Coco (;

We all need to stop wanting what was ;; taken,
And >start< embracing what was ;; given.


&you won't get
to see; 

 these tears I cry;♥

 behind these   h a z e l  e y e s.

not my format

Him; Do you smile when i say you're pretty?(:
Her; yeah, why?o.e
Him; because when you smile, you're happy. and if i can make you happy with the fact that you're beautiful, i'm smiling too.

True Story. Happened just now(':
I think I love him?♥