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this girl... -run & tell that <3

i'm just a normal girl.
i fall too fast,
i just want to feel wanted,
i just want to live happ[ily] ever after,

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One Direction says i have no reason to be insecure.
the mirror disagrees.

Am I the only girl in the world that is NOT obsessed with

my wish for you
is that this life becomes
all that you want it too.
I just wish it included me. </3


you know a guy cares when he CRIES  in front of you. <3
I have a journal that i only use to write to the guy i love. he doesnt love me anymore, so i could never admit the things i write. i write what im feeling when the pain gets too much to bear. i write as if im talking to him. then i hide my journal away and wait for the pain to hit again. if only i could give him the journal, or say something to him. anything. but i cant. he's moved on, and left me powerless.
i miss you. i miss everything. i miss us.
i love you.
i know you dont love me anymore, but i've loved you this long. i cant let you go. you were my world. you are the only thing that has ever made me cry happy tears. but now i lay in bed and cry horrible tears. every night. i lay and wonder if we will ever again be what we once were. i do a good job at hiding, pretending i dont know who you are. but i do. when i see you smile, i die a little inside,because you're happy without me. i want to be happy without you, but its impossible. i know you're the one for me. there are plenty of other guys, but none of them even come close. i love you. i would do anything for another chance. but i guess thats up to fate. i want to marry you. i always have, i always will. you make me feel alive. i would do anything for you. too bad you dont feel the same.
please, come back.
just be sweet to me one more time. <3
as much as i want to hate you, i cant.
i love you.
as much as i want to regret you, i cant.
you made me happier than anyone else ever has.
as much as i want to forget you, i cant.
i want you.
as much as i want to forgive you, i cant.
you broke me beyond repair.
as much as i love you, i cant.
you have someone else.
as much as i need you, i cant.
you dont want me.
as much as i want you, i cant.
you dont even know i exist anymore.

me; mom, can i have a friend over?
mom; you have to clean your room first.
me; why? she's a teenage girl. i promise, her room looks just as bad as mine.
 Does this happen to anyone else?


i open a text from 'him'<3 
 it said;

"every time i see you, i have to remind myself to breathe."
i love that kid.<3