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this girl... -run & tell that <3

i'm just a normal girl.
i fall too fast,
i just want to feel wanted,
i just want to live happ[ily] ever after,

Quotes by BetterThanYourNext

Get like you?
No, get like me;)

middle school;

its not where you meet your husband,
its where you meet your bridesmaids.

i'm just like you, only prettier (;
its better to be madly in love,
than to be bitterly alone. <3

you have to forget
what you want
and remember
what you deserve

if Heaven wasn't so far away.  <3
imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and its better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.

-Marilyn Monroe.<3

a wise girl kisses but doesn't love,
listens but doesn't believe,
and leaves before she is left.

-Marilyn Monroe. <3

has anyone else ever gotten kicked out of a movie theater PARKING LOT, or is that just me and my friends.? (; and im serious, they told us we were too loud and that they could hear us in the movie, so we had to leave.!
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