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aye; my names brittany nicole but my friends call me brit. or bee;fin. im 16 and a sophomore. I love quotes and lyrics they fill up my whole agenda and are written all over my folders. im the normal girl shopping most days and partying whenever possible.! get at me if yuh want to know anything else.

Quotes by BeutyInTheBreakdown

for the past hour and a half I've been sittin here typing; backspacing; writing; erasing; editing; and revising. I just want yuh to know;; pouring your heart out is'nt easy.
Yuh know its meant to be when even at the times yuh cant stand him;
he's still the only person on your mind.
Drink triple;
See Double;
Act Single.
your only as strong as the tables yuh dance on;
the drinks yuh mix; and the friends yuh roll wit.
I think the reason i still have feelings for yuh
is thatim so afraid i wont be able to find someone
thats just as good as you've always have been.
sometimes its so much easier to admit that yuh dont care
than to admit that its killing yuh.
she closes her eyes and her makup run;;
she let him get the best of her.
Its not up to me anymore;;
if yuh want me in your life
you'll find a way to put me there.
what hurts more than losing yuh is knowing
that yuh were fiting like i was to keep us.
I think what messes us up most of the time
is that we have these perfect pictures
of how things are suppose to be.