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I'm just a regular, secondary school teen that is looking for which road to take. I'm not addicted to Witty, but I think it's a very cool site, and more people should know about it! I love all of the quotes that people are uploading, and the fact that it's not only limited to quotes, but written work as well (Like poems, Fanfictions and original stories). 
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Quotes by Bextah

With our backs to the wall,
The darkness will fall,
We never quite we could lose it all.

Ready, Aim, Fire,
Ready, Aim, Fire away. 

Ready Aim Fire - Imagine Dragons 
If I should die tonight, 
May I first say I'm sorry,
For I...Never felt like anybody.
I am a man of many,
although I never mastered anything. 
When I am ten feet tall,
Since the fall,
Nobody seems to know my name. 
So don't leave me to sleep all alone, 
May we stay lost on our way home. 

C'mon, C'mon,
With everything fallin' down around me,
I'd like to believe in all the possibilities. 

It's late and I,

Cannot seem to find my way home,

C'mon, C'mon - Panic at the Disco feat. Fun 

She made a mistake, 
Just a simple thing. 
But the world around her,
started to crumble in. 

She came home that night, 
knowing what she'd done. 
Surely they'd forget her silly mistake,
Once the morning comes. 

That night, her sleep was riddled,
With many terrible dreams.
They laughed and jeered and sniggered,
Ripped her at the seams. 

She went to school again, 
but the nightmares came back that night.
Of the hating and breaking
and fading of the light. 

She wished they'd go away,
the dreams that raged inside her head.
But as soon as she woke up,
she was faced with reality instead. 

It wasn't any better,
As she crumpled to the floor. 
This was a nightmare she was living in,
 though she wasn't dreaming anymore. 

You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, Darling

Would he say he's in L O V E? 
Well if it was me then I would. 
Would he hold you when you're feelin' low? 
Baby you should know that I would. 
Would he say he's in L O V E 
Well if it was me then 
I would. 

I would - One Direction 
If you love somebody
Better tell them while they’re here ’cause
They just may run away from you

You’ll never know quite when, well
Then again it just depends on
How long of time is left for you

Cause I'm on Top of the World 'ay
I'm on Top of the World' ay 

On top of the World - Imagine Dragons 
Run for cover, 
My sense of fear is running thin.
Just like a candle in the wind.

Tell everybody, Tell everybody,
Brothers, Sisters, the ending is coming 

We are fallen, we are fallen 
We are fallen, we are fallen 
Now we're just gunna ride it out

Fallen - Imagine Dragons 
Don't get too close

It's dark inside

It's where my demons lie.
Parents: You never help around the house! Come downstairs and help me make dinner! 
Me: *goes downstairs and tries to help*
*five minutes later*
Parents: Ah, you're always getting in the way! I can't make dinner with you in my way all the time! 
Me: *goes back upstairs*
If a kid falls down in school,
But no-one around chooses to hear it
Does it make a sound? 

-To This Day Poem by Shane Koyczan