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That literally sums me up.

Quotes by enginesGoBOOM*

When I was younger
I told my mother
"I say, one day I'm gonna make you proud"

Now that I'm older
It's so much harder
To say those words out loud
"You're grumpy." 

"It's Monday and you're smiling."
o she doth teach the torches to burn bright
and i'm drowning
while you're standing three feet away
screaming "learn how to swim!"
they say
the best love is 
I think in a world that's becoming increasingly more depressing, music is playing a bigger role in more and more people's lives.
I like pop music, don't get me wrong, for what it is, but it's disposable. People start looking for something meatier to sink their teeth in to.
Rock music is so much more than music, its a way of life.
The lyrics. The shows. The people.
And I think more and more people want to be part of that. 
take me away 
a secret place
a sweet escape
take me away 
take me away 
to better days 
When someone says something to you enough times,
whether its true or not, 
it sticks with you and runs through your head,
every day, every night,
all the time.
And soon, it becomes you. 
My mum wanted a cat,
but I didn't.
So we compromised, 
and we got a cat. 
I don't have a life,
so I have all day to ruin yours.