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Awkward. Sarcastic. Cynical. Procrastinator. Dorky. Teen. 
That literally sums me up.

Quotes by enginesGoBOOM*

I do believe in second chances, 
I just don't believe that 
everyone deserves one. 
You know those moments when everything suddenly gets so frustrating,
and then you start crying because you're so frustrated,
but then you're frustrated because you're crying without reason, 
and then end up even more frustrated before, 
and just wish that you could crawl up in a ball,
and die in a hole. 
*gets a bag and steals your talent*
*got my exam results back*
*showed them to my parents*
*got kicked out the house* 
Don't take life so seriously, 
It's not like you're going to make it out alive. 
"Don't kill yourself for a guy. 
            He'll just bring another girl to your funeral."
that moment when you're just like, 
"Holy cows, maybe this is why people stay away from me." 
drink vodka with the ones you love
have tea
with the ones 
And I feel myself favoring the dark side more
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