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fpr the first time in my life....i got the reply with who is this through a text...
i texted my old bestfriend apologizing, because i knew i had screwed up bad this time...
and her reply to my apologee? who is this? honestly broke my heart...

I wish I could just

tell everyone; let everyone know how im feel, let them know i am not okay;
tell them who i like without being judged...
i just wish this could be over forever, im just so done.

im honestly so done...
i didnt realize so many people hated me they wouldnt mind if i was gone either.

I take that back,

i cant believeYOU.

i cant

believe i did that to you...

I just wish i was as beautiful

 As   h  e  r 


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great i f*cked up again
more than anything.

just like everyone else
you will get bored of me
you will get annoyed by me
you will hate me
you will stop talking to me
you will leave me just like everyone else.


I am lost without you by my side.

it st ill hurts. 

k so if you have tumblr go and follow me cause ill follow back biotches <3