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Quotes by Bieberfever27

And you know what i hate more than anything?

Judgemental people.

It's like we didn't choose to look like this, so why make fun of us?

There's alot of things i could say about you, but i dont

Everyone is
beautiful, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise <3

+& The jury must have been smoking something when Casey Anthony was found NOT guilty

rest in peace Caylee <3

That Awkward Moment

When your period is really late +& your a virgin

So me and my friend were talking today and she says this:

omg the funniest thing happened today
so i was at the yacht club and there was this really hot guy there who look like Justin Bieber

it turns out ,it was a girl

i've never laughed harder in my life ;D

White People Problems #62

Create Witty facebook status update

None likes it

White People Problems #91

Say something negative about a person

Turn around, there right there.

That Awkward Moment

When you send a personal conversation text

To Twitter/Facebook


I’m not gonna spend my life chasing you. You wanna leave? Go ahead. I’m done with chasing & caring for people who never had interest in me.
I like to pretend it doesn't hurt.

I'm pretending that I've moved on. I'm lying to you. I'm pretending that "just friends" is enough.

It's not. I want you. But I'm not good enough.


Call me.

Text me.

Smoke Signals.

Anything, Just let me know you're thinking of me

Because I'm constantly thinking of you.

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