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Quotes by Bieberfever27

&+ If the world ends tomorrow

That awkward moment when

you're on Facebook & your having a conversation with someone & some random person decides to join in

That let down you have when your conversation ends with *him*

I gave up because you refused to fight for me like I fought for you.

Facebook Fact

The people on your friends list on your profile are the people that have most recently viewed your profile

Betchaa did know that, did you? :)

What comes around goes around that's what people say, so all the pain you've caused me will get back to you someday


Basically describes every girls feelings ;)

me: im wearing a shirt from hollister tomorrow.
My friend: i like hollister, well only sometimes.
me: how so?
my friend: sometimes i find no crap in that dark hole.

haha i love herr<3

Listen to it, love him<3

Ryan Beatty<3

Can we restart? Just forget everything that you know, let's take it all the way back to hello.
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