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I'm Alyssa. I'm a sophomore now and I'm 15. It's been awhile since I've been on here and a lot has changed for me. I grew up, in some positive ways and in some negative ways. I'm still trying to figure it out actually. so don't judge before you know me.

Quotes by BigDreams_LittleHopesx3

   You're not a little girl anymore.
Trust me,     I know.       You've lived through alot in the past few years.
You've pressed that bottle to your lips to try to escape.     You've taken
just one hit to try and impress everyone. You've held that razor to your
skin,  trying to find something real, not just tears    . You've ended up in
that back seat before. You might have even given him what he wanted.
You've snuck out to go to that party.          You've lost your faith in God.
You've stayed up and cried more than once.         You've begged to die.
Trust           me           I've          been           in           your           place.

You're  going   to   be  jus fine.



Maybe I don't deservbetter 
Maybe               karma's              finally             catching           up             to              me.

I'm trying to be a better person

Last night,   you drove me home.  reached for a hug.  I kissed your cheek.
You  leanein  ankissed m lips.
the way you did when we were together.
but  that  look  in your eyes  told me  it  wasn't  right.
You're      with       her       now.

so i started to cry  and spill my heart out.
right       there       in       the       front       seat        of      your       car.

It          shouldn't         be          over.
Then you reache oveand helme,

you held my hand,     stroked my cheek,     wiped away the tears,     and let me cry.
what    am    I    supposed    to    do    now?

I  was  finally starting  to  move  on.
I started to accept your new girlfriend and I started talking to a nice guy,
but I'm still in love with you.

so   how   do   I   follow   my   heart?


      My Heart
                             It still love your texts and your smile.
                                 The way your blue eyes shine and how
                                            you            whisper             so         gently. 
It thinks that you still love me.
My Mind     
   I see you're still with her.        I see the                     
way you look at her.         It was the same                     
way that you looked at me.       It brings me                    
back to reality when my heart thinks it's right.                  
                       - It knows that we're over.                  

It's a battle of love and reality.
I like to pretenthat no one cares about me
(_.·´¯`·×»  x3                   Because           no           one           can           love           a           mess           like            this.
Waking a friend in the dead of night
just       to        hear        them       say       it's       gonna       be        alright     ////
I'm so pathetic.
  he doesn't want me anymore,  trust me I know that.
  He dumped me for his ex, I knew he still loved her.
  She  wore his hoodie  like  a security  blanket  and
  ran to  him as  a  shoulder to  cry on even when we 
  were together,    but I just told myself he must love
  me more if he chose me.  He didn't.  He didn't even
  tell me happy birthday,     he ignored me for a week
  and then told me about her.      We try to be friends
  just like before, but inside, i can't do it.  I'll wait an
  entire life  time  waiting for him to come back to me.
I wanna be in love with him
It's easto love someone
but           it's           hard           to           stop           -x3

 Have yo ever cried so hard
That you're slammed up against your door making sure that no one
will come in and see you this way.   You're hugging yourself as you
lean your head into your lap,      thinking maybe this can hold you
together.  Have you ever cried so much that you just can't stop no
matter how hard you try?          Your breathing becomes short and
you're gasping for air.   You think, " it can't get worse ", but then it
so does.              Have you ever cried like this every single day? 
Welcome      to      my     life