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R.I.P. people who died in 9/11

Rest in Peace the people who were in the towers.

Rest in Peace the people who tried to save them.

You were all innocent people. And you didn’t deserve to die.

You will never, ever be forgotten.


Never forget 

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Eleven years ago,
my daddy was walking to work. He used to work in the twin towers
and would walk from the subway to his office.
He had just gotten a pair of new shoes and they were giving him blisters.
So, he stopped in Starbucks and ordered a tall, dark coffee
He found a seat in the corner of the Starbucks and took off his shoes.
He slowly sippe his coffee, while rubbing his feet.
Suddenly, a message started planning on the TV in the corner.
it showed the building where he worked, but it was in flames.
The reporter started to tell all about how the planes had hit the building.
It sunk in, and my daddy called my mom, letting her know he was ok.
Something saved my father that day,
maybe it was his shoes,
but i believe it was God. He saved my daddy so that he could still be a part of my life and so he can walk me up the isle.
So thank you, God.

I love you, Daddy.


R.I.P to all the people who have
commited suicide, we will keep 
you in our prayers & every other day



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In movies, when teenagers parents are not at home, they   start making parties.. Me when my parents are not at home I start singing and dancing on the table 
This time 11 years ago the events of the 9/11 twin towers was unfolding, 2,976 americans died,on that very day many people lost family members<3 Fav this quote for your appreciation to those poor familys who lost there loved ones<3
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Everyone have/used to have those really embarrassing emails & usernames we created when we were little.
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Even when we fight
you turn me on.

the person you'd take a bullet for, is the one holding the gun.

whenever I turn my pillow over,
I feel like I am recharging the cold side.