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You're just wasted thinking about the past again.
I be Kristen, 16 years old and I feel old now. Nutella is sexy.
Kbye <3

BiitchPlease_'s Favorite Quotes

When you love someone,
they don't love you back.
Why Do I Even Bother?
I Had A Life
But My School Ate It 
Why Am I So scared Of Losing You When You're Not Even Mine?
A Three-Year Old Walks Over To A Pregnant Lady While Waiting With His Mother In A Doctor’s Surgery:
“Why Is Your Stomach So Big?” – He Asks.
“I´m Having A Baby.” – She Replies.
“Is The Baby In Your Stomach?” – He Asks, With His Big Eyes.
“Yes, It Is.” – She Says.
“Is It A Good Baby?” – He Asks, With A Puzzled Look.
“Oh, Yes. A Really Good Baby.” – The Lady Replies.
Shocked And Surprised He Asks: “Then Why Did You Eat Him?”

I Want To Say
"I Don't Love You"
But I Do ♥
Dont' Be Ashamed Of What You Look,
You Have Exactly What 
Somebody Else Wants ♥

If they don't
respect, appreciate
and value you,
then they don't
deserve you.

Teacher: Crystal, you should know this, you done this last year.
Me: *In my head* B.itch I don't even remeber what I did last week.
Fave this if you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend
and when you put on a sad song and read all the top comments
on YouTube you feel forever alone.