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"He is bad news..."
Chapter 44 (part two)
He leaned in and when our lips were about to touch, the door opened and Sienna, along with mine and his parents, walked in.
“What are our kids doing here?” Cassidy asked with a bright smile.
“They were about to kiss and we interrupted them!” Sienna laughed, winking at Everett.
My cheeks turned red. Everett smiled at me, standing up. “Exactly that” he confirmed it, giving my parents a gentle smile.
Sienna walked to me. “I think you should tell them the truth” she whispered, eyeing my parents.
I took a deep breath. “Mom, dad… you deserve to know the truth” I murmured.
“Don’t have to. Cassidy and Tom explained everything” my mom smiled.
I sent a thankful look to Tom and Cassidy. “Thank you” I breathed out.
“Anytime!” Cassidy beamed, staring at Everett and me.
My mother came closer to me, with my dad following her. “Honey, I want you to tell us everything from now on” she said with her soft tone she only uses rarely. Last time she did, I was seven years old and sick. Yeah, old memories.
“I’m sorry, mom. It was too f*cked up” I mumbled.
“Language!” she screeched, narrowing her eyes at me.
“Sorry” I lowered my voice.
“Next time something serious happens I’ll tell you, I promise” I added.
“We only want what’s best for you. Remember that, okay?” my dad said, smiling.
“Okay” I smiled back.
“I think we should go now. Everett, will you drive Evelyn home?” Cassidy said.
“Sure” he beamed, looking over at me.
“Can I leave now?” I said cheerfully.
The doctor walked in. “Yes, after a few more tests you can” he said, holding some papers and writing things.
I rolled my eyes. “Okay”.
“We’ll go home after that” Everett, whose smile wouldn’t leave his face, murmured.
I smiled back, feeling happier.

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"He is bad news..."
Chapter 44
I brought my hands to my face. “No, this can’t be happening…” I whispered, trembling.
Sienna came to me. “Evelyn, try to be strong…” she trailed off, giving me a hug.
I was crying for at least ten minutes. Everett had leaned against the wall and had covered his face with his palms. I looked at him shyly. He hadn’t said a word after the announcement.
I looked at mine and Sienna’s parents. “Could you please go? I want to…”
“Of course” said Tom. “Let’s go” he said, walking to the exit along with my parents and the doctor.
“You’ll get over it, bestie” Sienna told me. “I’ll help you”.
“Thanks Sienna” I cried. Then I turned to Everett. “Say something” I mumbled, glancing over at him.
He removed his hands from his face. “At least I didn’t meet it” he breathed out, running a hand through his hair.
“What?” I spat out. “What are you talking about?”
“If you had given birth to this child, it would be a lot harder. We didn’t see it now though. So, what’s the big deal?” he said, shrugging.
Sienna gave him a warning look. I sat up, clenching my fists.
“Are you f*cking heartless? Your child is dead! It was yours too! I can’t believe you don’t even care about this” I hissed, turning my face.
“Wait, Evelyn! I…” he murmured.
“Go” I retorted, not even looking at him.
“What?” he whispered. When I looked at him, his face was pale white.
“Go away” I said, narrowing my eyes at him. “I don’t wanna see you again”.
“Evelyn” Sienna warned me.
“I didn’t mean to seem heartless…I’m just shocked and I didn’t know what to say” he breathed out.
“I should probably go” Sienna murmured. “I’ll leave you two alone”. Then, she walked to the door and disappeared quietly.
Everett sat down next to me. He took my hand and captured it in his, looking at me. “I’m really sorry” he whispered.
“No, I’m sorry” I cried.
“Why are you sorry?” he asked, running his hand down my face.
“I was careless and…”
“It’s okay” he smiled. “We’ll get over this, together”.
I touched his hand while tears were pouring down my face. He brought his hand up to my face and wiped the tears with his thumb with a gentle smile on. “I’m really sorry for what I did. Ignoring you all these months and stuff” he said, feeling guilty.
“It’s okay, I understand. I can assure you though; he kissed me, I never did” I claimed.
“Will you tell me what exactly happened? I’m curious. Plus, I wanna have a good reason to go beat up the sh*t out of him again” he smirked.
“Promise me you won’t! I hate detention” I muffled.
“He needs to learn his lesson” he said.
He put his finger on my lips. “No buts!”
I sighed, defeated. “Want me to tell you what happened?”
He nodded.
“Well, I was walking down the hall and he grabbed me into an empty room. I got scared and started shouting but he pinned me on the wall and started kissing my neck. It was so disgusting. I was kicking him the whole time, until I got away. I came to your house right after; that’s why I was so upset that day” I explained.
His eyesight was cloudy. “He better start running right now”.
I cupped his face. “You don’t have to beat him up!”
“Yes, I do! No one touches my girlfriend like that and gets away with it” he said bravely.
I blinked a few times, dazed. Did he just say ‘girlfriend’? Oh. My. God. You gotta be kidding me!!!! A faint smile covered my face as I looked at him. He looked pretty shy.
“I mean you don’t have to…be if you don’t wanna” he blurted out.
“I want to” I smiled, touching his hand.

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"He is bad news..."
Chapter 43
Pain. Endless pain; that’s the only thing I could feel right now. Someone called 911 but I’m not sure who; I only heard screaming from above. Some neighbors maybe? Wait, what neighbors. This isn’t even my neighborhood.

I wasn’t quite sure where I was. All I could remember was me crying and my car colliding with a tree maybe? I really don’t know; my eyesight was awfully blurry from the tears.
My lashes fluttered slowly. I opened my eyes and saw some nurses above me, talking about something with a doctor. As soon as they saw me, their eyes shined.
“Hey, Evelyn” the doctor said softly.
 “Hi” I said, voice croaky.
“How are you feeling?”
“Sore” I spat out, trying to move my hands.
“Take it easy” he said, pinning my hands on the hospital bed again. “You just got out of a surgery; don’t knock yourself out” he added, smiling sympathetically.
I was about to speak, when a loud noise coming from outside made me scowl. “What’s happening?”
“Your family and friends are here to see you. But first, I have some questions” he said, his face serious now.
“Do you have a boyfriend?”
I shook my head, feeling tears filling my eyes.
“There was a young boy around your age who got insane when he found out you had an accident. When we asked him he told us he’s your boyfriend, Miss Jensen” the doctor explained politely.
“Ex boyfriend” I corrected him. “That’s what he is”.
He whispered something to the nurse and she walked out, along with the other nurse. A few seconds after, Everett burst into the room. He looked so worried and his eyes were almost red; had he cried? What happened?
“Evelyn!” he shouted, walking to me.
“Everett” I breathed out.
“God, I was so worried” he said, hugging me tightly.
I hugged him back, feeling happy again. “I’m fine now, don’t worry”.
“I need to speak to you both” the doctor said.
“Wait, I want my family and best friend in here too” I said, feeling Everett’s hand intertwining with mine. I smiled at him before looking at the doctor again.
“Fine” he said and opened the door. Then, both my parents, Cassidy, Tom and Sienna entered the room. Mine and Sienna’s parents looked pleased to see me. I tried to let go of Everett’s hand but he mouthed a ‘They know’, which calmed me down a bit.
Then I remembered. My baby.
I looked up at the doctor. He gave me a sad look before looking around the room. Sienna was smiling at me, just like both our parents.
“I don’t know if she told you, but Miss Jensen had been four months pregnant” he announced.
The look on my parents’ faces was priceless. They looked so shocked, along with Sienna’s parents. Everett’s eyes snapped at me. He was pale white.
“Yes, Everett” I confirmed it. “That’s what I was trying to tell you these past three months”.
“The problem is…” the doctor trailed off.
“What?” I asked, my heart beating fast. “What’s the problem?”
Everyone was staring at the doctor. He took a deep breath before speaking.
“Due to the accident, you had a miscarriage”.
My breath hitched.
F*ck no.

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"He is bad news..."
Chapter 42 (part three)
I took a deep breath. “I’m gonna start with this. I didn’t kiss Zach, I never did. I was walking down the hallway to find Everett and he grabbed me into an empty room and kissed me, till I kicked him and escaped. Vince couldn’t have changed the video to show I kissed him, cause I never did. It would be disgusting to even thinking of locking lips with a person like Zach. He’s disgusting” I started.
She rolled her eyes. “Starting with the excuse? Good job”.
“It’s not an excuse. How could I even kiss him when I like someone else?” I said.
She looked at me. “What?”
“Yes, Sienna. I like someone else. I always did, since the day I turned six” I admitted.
“Who is it?” she asked indifferently.
I gulped. “Everett”.
Her eyes widened. “Everett? Aka my brother?”
“It all started eleven years ago. We met and started hanging out. We were friends, good friends, throughout the whole primary school. During junior high, though, he cut communication. He was popular and I wasn’t and he said it’d be the best for both of us. I believed him. We weren’t talking for almost seven years. Till the day you showed up. He looked at me. The party I came with you to was a chance to get to know him better. We kind of…did it. We did it it, actually. And then we started talking again. That day you thought he was breathless, it was because you almost caught us making out. That other day you came to me after the party and I was constantly going to the bathroom…he was hiding inside. I’m sorry I lied to you, but I couldn’t tell you. Now I’m telling you: how could I ever kiss Zach and betray you like that when my heart belongs to Everett?” I finished my small speech.
She was completely breathless. “Oh God” she just whispered. “You and Everett…I just can’t believe it”. I noticed some small tears in her eyes.
“You never trusted me” she breathed out. “You…”
“You hated him, Sienna. I thought you did. We, both, didn’t wanna tell you” I apologized, feeling tears rolling down my cheeks.
“I can’t believe it, Evelyn! I thought we were friends! And now you came here to tell me you were f*cking with my brother for almost a month without telling me?” she shouted, crying.
“I’m sorry! I was afraid of your reaction” I cried.
“F*ck this sh*t! What else are you hiding, Evelyn?” she narrowed her eyes.
My breath hitched. “I’m…”
I inhaled deeply.
“I’m pregnant”.
Her eyes widened. I haven’t seen her so shocked in my life before. That’s when I totally chickened. I stood up and looked at her. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have come here”. I stormed out of the room and started running down the stairs, crying.
Everett was leaning against the doorframe. He turned around, along with Cassidy, and looked at me. “Whoa, what happened to you? Why are you so fat all of a sudden?” he murmured, eyeing me.
“Goodbye” I said, wiping my eyes and leaving their house.
I shut the door behind me and ran to my car. I found the car keys and got into the vehicle, turning on the engine. I drove and drove until I had no idea where I was. I drove back, but it was too dark and my eyesight blurry. The stars were shining on the sky and the moon was bright.
I felt a strong bump. My body was completely numb. I didn’t know what was happening. Blood was everywhere, broken pieces of glass, something loud was smashing my eardrums.
I thought of a world full of clouds before passing out.
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"He is bad news..."
Chapter 42 (part two)
I found my way back home. My parents weren’t there but they made sure to leave me some lunch. I haven’t told them yet; I’m waiting for the right moment to say it. I’ve been crying these three months, every day, and they know Everett and I ‘sorta broke up’. That’s what I told them. I would get them really worried and confused if I told them the actual truth.

I ate lunch first and then I went home. I did my homework slow, since I’m known as the freaking snail, and then I started the process of ‘picking an outfit for tonight’. It was already 6 so I had to hurry. I took a shower and washed my hair. I wrapped a towel around my body and around my hair and walked out of the shower. I applied body milk with strawberry flavor and walked to my closet.
I found a floral corset–like top with zipper on the front. I matched it with a pastel pink cotton skirt which barely reached my knees and a pair of green pastel heels. My outfit was vintage; I just loved vintage. I picked a beige purse and wore the clothes.
I curled my hair and applied a few make–up on my face. I picked some natural colors; I didn’t wanna look so fake. Yeah, like with this outfit you’ll look so normal, I thought to myself. At least I was pretty! A pretty pregnant girl.
Those days when I got tired really easily, I convinced my parents to buy me a car. I lied, ha–ha. I had a license but I didn’t wanna use it cause as I said before, it seemed useless. Now I needed a car, thought. It was necessary.
I threw my keys and phone in the purse and walked out of the house, locking the front door and unlocking the car. I slipped into the vehicle and drove off. It was already 7 and I knew they weren’t gonna wait for me. Fortunately, I was there after 5 minutes. I parked my car outside their garden and walked out. I found my way to their porch and rang the doorbell. After five minutes, Everett showed up. He seemed tired. Exhausted. I noticed the happy look in his eyes and that weird glimpse was now gone. I blinked, before forcing a smile upon my face.
“Hey” I said sweetly.
“What do you want?” he spat out.
“She came for me” a voice sounded from behind.
Everett’s eyes snapped to Sienna. “Okay”. Then, he disappeared inside the building.
“Hey” I greeted her.
“Come in”.
We walked to her room quickly. I greeted her parents kindly on the way. Her mother was happy to see me; I bet both Everett and Sienna didn’t talk to them about it. I wonder why, though. I’m sure Cassidy and Tom knew Zach and Sienna were dating. I should probably ask her.
We went to her room. She sat down and I did too. She looked at me blankly before turning her face. “Speak”.
“Why didn’t you tell your parents about Zach and…”
“They don’t need to know anything, Evelyn” she spat out.
“Now tell me”.

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"He is bad news..."
Chapter 41 (part two)
I walked to my closet and pulled my clothes off. I changed into a long, oversized t–shirt and washed off all my make–up. It was late now and I didn’t even study. I really don’t care now. I did some things in detention but not all of them. Who gives a damn, really.

I slipped down the blankets and kept my eyes on the ceiling, afraid with the view of my own body. I couldn’t keep it a secret for any longer; in three months everyone would notice. I’m already one month pregnant; in a month or so I’ll start getting fat and eat like a pig. My mother will surely notice. Then, after four months, my belly will become bigger and everyone will understand. I have to tell someone. And that someone will definitely be Sienna. I knew she hated me but she wouldn’t deny hearing me out. Whether she’d believe me or not; that’s her decision.
My hands lowered until they rested on my belly. A small tear poured down my cheek as I whispered: “Hey there little one”. I got a shiver down my back but I continued. “I’m mommy. You’re probably not meeting daddy anytime soon”.
I was totally crying now. “But don’t worry. I’ll take care of you”.
I removed my one hand and wiped my eyes off. I kept the other on my belly. I stayed up all night, talking to my baby, being sure I was going insane for sure. I was gonna be a mother. How, though? I was completely alone; if my parents found out, they would make me do an abortion or something worse; give it for adoption. I really don’t know.
All I know is that all this situation is so f*cked up.
Oh, Everett. I wish you knew.
 Chapter 42 (part one)
*Three months later*
I was getting fat. Day by day, I was getting fat and eating so much. Christmas had passed, along with Thanksgiving and Halloween; no sign of Everett or Sienna. Whenever I tried to talk to them, they walked away without letting me say a single word. It sucked knowing I’m carrying Everett’s child and him not knowing. I wanted to tell him; I’m not sure why.
It was January now. I was at school, last period. Sienna was sitting next to me, pretending she didn’t see me. I was there, drawing some silly things on my notebook and not paying attention at all. I was super hungry; I needed to eat. Damn, being pregnant sucks.
The lesson was over. I saw her standing up. I panicked. No, we have to talk now. Like, right now. I stood up as well and grabbed her arm. She turned around and shot me a glare.
“Wait” I said, weakly.
“What do you want?” she hissed.
“We need to talk”.
She rolled her eyes. “I don’t have time for this”.
She began to walk out of the class but I followed her. “Please, it’s super important!” I begged her.
“What is it?” she asked, annoyed.
“Can we…”
“Come to my house around 7 for dinner, okay? I won’t be giving you any more chances” she spat out and walked away.
“Thank you” I whispered, watching her walking away.
I grabbed some books I needed for tomorrow and walked out of the school, happy. I could talk to her. I could finally talked to her. I didn’t care if she wasn’t gonna believe me; I would say the truth and that’s a relief. She would finally know. I was sure she wasn’t gonna like it cause I lied to her but oh well, at least I didn’t cheat on her with her ex boyfriend, that would be totally worse.

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"He is bad news..."
Chapter 41
My breath hitched. Me? Pregnant? Oh, no. Please no. I don’t deserve this, I was always a good person.
No, you weren’t. You lied to both Sienna and Everett.
I felt the test falling off my hands and hitting the ground. My knees were weak and after two seconds I collapsed over the floor, tears in my eyes. 
I was pregnant. I was f*cking pregnant. The test said for how long too. I grabbed it from the floor and looked at it. One month. So he got me pregnant when he took my virginity? Great, just great. How awesome, seriously.
I sat up and brought my knees up to my chest. I cried silently, feeling my tears rolling down my cheeks and falling to my clothes. Sobs made me sound even worse. I was crying for hours, it was night outside, when my phone rang. I reached to grab my bag. I fished my phone and when I saw the caller ID, my heart started racing in my chest. Why was Everett calling me?
I picked up. “H–Hello?” my voice sounded like a whisper.
“Just wanted to tell you your detention was cancelled” he snapped.
“What? Why?”
“They said you fainted” he murmured indifferently.
“Oh”. I must keep the conversation going. Think fast. “About that…”
“I don’t need to know, Evelyn” he snapped again. “Your thing, I don’t care”.
It’s your ‘thing’ too.
“Bye” he said coldly and hung up.
The tears in my eyes were even more now. He hated me. He hated me so much; I just can’t take it. It hurts. Why does he hate me? He knows I was never attracted to Zach and I never will be. Doesn’t he trust me?
I guess no.
Even if I wanna talk to him, he won’t listen. So, I just lost an option. I could still talk to Sienna… But I’m sure she wouldn’t believe me. She really liked Zach and now she’s hurt. I’m sure she’ll just shut her ears and shout ‘LALALA’ so she won’t hear me. I think deep down she knows it’ true, but she doesn’t wanna face it. Who knows.

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"He is bad news..."
Chapter 40
I was at the nurse’s office when I woke up. She was looking at something and had her back turned to me. My lashes fluttered before opening wide. I took a look around before speaking.
“Why am I here?” I murmured, voice croaky.
She turned to me. “Hello, dear! I can see you just woke up”.
I glanced over at my body. “Obviously. Why am I here, though?”
“You fainted” she explained. “They brought you here. Finally, after two hours I thought you weren’t gonna wake up”.
“Two hours? I have to go home!” I said, trying to get up.
She helped me up. “Okay, but I want you to do something when you go there”.
I blinked, walking to the door. “What’s that?”
“A few questions first. Have you had any other symptoms other than fainting? Like, throwing up let’s say? Or having headaches and not wanting to eat?” she questioned me carefully.
I closed my eyes briefly, trying to remember. “Yes, yes I think”. Headaches have increased lately and I just couldn’t eat lunch without getting this weird taste in my mouth which was a sign of an upcoming vomiting.
Her glance was cloudy as she looked at me. I gave her a questioning wide–eyed look, which seemed to drag her attention from me. She turned around and I was facing her back for a couple of minutes. I was about to go when she turned around and handed me a box. “Do this at home. Don’t tell me the results” she whispered, narrowing her eyes slightly.
I casted an eye on the box, before choking on my own saliva. A pregnancy test?
“Y–You m–mean…I might be…pregnant?” I stuttered.
Her look was harsh and rough. “We can’t know. You might be sick too. We just need to be sure. Don’t tell me the results; I don’t need to know”.
I blinked, before twisting the handle of the door. “Thank you” I whispered before going out of the nurse’s office and running towards the exit. I threw the pregnancy test inside my bag and walked home, almost running. I must tell no one. If my mother finds out I’m pregnant, I’ll have so much explaining to do. Oh, wait. I might not be pregnant. I might be just sick, which will save me from lots of things.
I unlocked the front door of my house and entered the building fast. No one was there except for Sally. Sally is our maid who’s sometimes here. She’s not always here though; she has her own family to take care of. She’s not the exact definition of maid, but never mind.
I greeted her and ran upstairs. I burst into my room and locked the door behind me. I fished the box from my bag and pulled it out carefully. I threw my bag across the room and walked to the bathroom. I closed the door and took the test. Then, I walked outside again, stopping in front of my beauty parlor. I looked at the mirror and I could see the worried look on my face. I started pacing back and forth, waiting for the results. I read the instructions and it said the results come out in ten minutes max. I should wait.
I looked around, then shyly at my hands. No results yet. Oh Lord, if I was pregnant, what would I do? I’m 100% sure it’s Everett’s baby and now he hates me. Even if I did talk to him, he would reject me and push me around. I would be completely alone.
No bad thoughts. You have to stay positive, Evelyn. Yeah, just like my pregnancy test. Ugh, why am I assuming things? I might be just sick after all! I really need to calm down.
Ten minutes passed. I inhaled deeply and my eyes turned shyly to the test in my hands. I uncovered its surface and saw what I had to see.
It was positive. I was pregnant.

Chapter 40 ladies and gentlemen! Who would have thought ahahaha
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"He is bad news..."
Chapter 39
*Evelyn’s POV*
The principal was examining me for a whole hour. Turns out I’m a great liar; he believed every bit of my words. I got detention for the whole week. Only that? I supposedly beat up a kid, one week detention wasn’t enough. Was it?
When I got out of the office, the hallways were full of kids going to their periods. I walked to my locker almost shaking. My hands were sweaty and my mind a mess. I can’t believe Zach told Vince to record us while HE was kissing me and I was trying to get away. How evil. What people do for revenge is unbelievable. Pathetic too, sometimes.
I went to my locker, got my books and walked to my classroom. English. My class with Everett. How awkward.
I managed to reach the room. The door was already closed. I know Mrs. Carl would be so pis/sed I was late, but I had a good excuse. The principal kept me in his office.
I knocked on the door softly. I heard her reply: “Come in”. I walked into the classroom slowly, my legs shaking. All eyes were on me; I’m sure the rumors have spread by now.
“Where were you, Miss Jensen?” she asked, taking a careful look at me.
“I was at the principal’s office” I murmured.
“I see. Have a seat so we can keep going with our lesson” she said, gesturing to my desk. I sat down and opened my notebooks, keeping notes right away.
I felt every person in this class staring at me. That’s right b//tches, I had taken the blame for Everett, is it that bad? Everybody knew Everett did it, but no one had the guts to go tell the principal. I didn’t tell him either. Not because I was afraid of Everett –I surely wasn’t– but because I liked him and I’ve hurt him enough. I can’t believe this morning he was telling me I make him happy and now he doesn’t even wanna look at me. I’m sure he doesn’t.
I looked at him. He was staring at his hands, not saying a word. His eyes turned to me but he acted as if he hadn’t seen me, as if I was invisible. My face twisted and I turned my face, concentrating on the lesson again.
This was gonna be way harder than I thought.

At the end of my last period, I placed my books in my locker and prepared myself for detention. I walked to this room I was supposed to be and opened the door. I found a few kids already there. I took my seat in the middle of the class and placed my hands on the desk, staring at them. After half an hour waiting, more teens gathered in the room, along with the teacher. Then, detention started.
This was gonna last for two hours I think. I rolled my eyes, ruffling my hair. This was so messed up.
I haven’t seen Everett so angry in my entire life, neither Sienna. I didn’t know she liked Zach so much and even if I knew, I would NEVER so something similar to that. I’m not the kind of girl who betrays her friends by sleeping with their boyfriends. I don’t even like Zach and she knows it; how could she believe I did it on purpose?
My stomach was a complete mess. I was feeling like throwing up. It was awful; I stood up and looked at the teacher sitting on the desk. I bit my lip before asking.
“Excuse me, could I go to the restroom?” I asked, voice cracking.
“Of course. Everything okay?” she asked, standing up and walking to me.
“Yes! Can I go now?” I repeated my question.
“Yes, you may go” she gestured to the door.
I got out of the room and took a deep breath. Then, I started walking to the restroom slowly. I didn’t wanna rush things; detention was boring in the first place. So I walked there slowly, when I felt my mouth having a weird taste. I started running like crazy when I found the room. I pushed the door open, ran towards a toilet and started throwing up.
I felt so sick. Was I sick? No, this morning I was fine. I remember Everett and I sleeping together. I wasn’t feeling sick at all. What happened now?
I stopped and grabbed a tissue to wipe my mouth. I walked to the mirrors, rubbing my belly. It was almost November; am I a little late for my period? No, it’s just my idea. No, I’m fine. I’m fine, nothing’s gonna happen.
I walked back to the class. I stood outside and knocked on the door carefully. I heard the teacher saying “Come in” from inside. I twisted the handle of the door and opened it. I walked in but suddenly, I felt my head heavy. I slid my palm to my forehead. I didn’t have fever; I was okay. I think.
My knees felt like jelly. I pressed my palm against a desk I found for balance, but then everything turned dark and I fainted.

Oh. My. God.
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