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"do it today, it might be against the law tomorrow."

Stephanie. 21. life. beach. adventuring. cosmetology. 
summer. alcohol. dreams. hell.

"i'd rather be someone's shot of whiskey than everyone's cup of tea."

Quotes by BittersweetMemories

& I would give anything to be in LA right now..

We are thrusted into a life where we're told to act within the existing limits of normality.

Don't lose yourself trying to love someone.

Loyalty isn't always love. You 
can be loyal to the wrong things,
you can commit to the wrong 
people and stick around for the
wrong reasons.


& as hard as it is to accept,
being single is better than feeling alone in a relationship.


You need to learn to stop apologizing for your emotions. You're human, it's natural.


Never let yourself go from worth it to worthless.
Keep the faith in yourself alive.


If you want anything to last, connect to it.
Open your everything.
Mind, fears, doubts, potential,
intuition. Feel the process and savor it.


& its possible to love someone, just
not in the same way they loved you..


& you're the only place that's felt
like home. and sometimes the
windows would get broken, but we'd
fix them and let the light shine through again.